Lucidity Challenge 60: Special Awards Ceremony

It’s ok!

You are welcome.
Just remember there are still about 3 hours of LC.

Last hours of LC60®.

This means the 95% rule will not be used again.
Whoever has the greatest score will win!
Read the first post for more details.

I will post a feedback poll today (Sunday - Soon).
I will post the final scores tonight (Sunday late night early Monday).
The Special Lucidity Challenge Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday.

Do not miss it! :smile:

It goes without saying that after I post the final scores, any edit will be ignored.

I hope you have enjoyed the LC60® if you cannot add anything else!

If you are a participant, you can help GenghisKhan or Koharo!

You can dream of them or dream of their subtasks:

[spoiler]Dream of GenghisKhan

🭠Factory: Enter a factory in a dream. GenghisKhan

🔧 Wrench: Use a wrench. GenghisKhan

🦠Bank: Enter a bank in a dream. GenghisKhan

⛽ Refuel: Refuel a vehicle. GenghisKhan

🷠Pig: See a pig (alive). GenghisKhan

🔦 Flashlight/Electric torch: Use the flashlight. GenghisKhan

😠Elephant: See an elephant (alive). GenghisKhan

🌵 Cactus: See a cactus. GenghisKhan


[spoiler]Dream of Koharo

😑 Successful MILD: Successful MILD. Koharo

🌴 Palm tree: See a palm tree. Koharo

🚑 Ambulance: See an ambulance in a dream. Koharo

âš¾ Baseball: See a base ball. Koharo

🚫 No Entry: Get into a forbidden room. Koharo

🔥 Large Fire: See a large fire. Koharo


Hint to participants: You have the right to refuse claiming a subtask that helps someone you don’t want to help.
Hint to GenghisKhan and Koharo: it is nonsense to refuse claiming a task from the other, since the dreamer always gets more than the owner.

This is a checkpoint post.

I have collected all the information from past posts.
All your personal goals and choices are online at just click what seems more natural to you!)
The scoreboard is online and updated.

If you need to edit, please reply and tell what changed!
Thank you very much!


[spoiler]Updated list of participants.

  1. Siiw - Draw a circle in the air and successfully use it as a portal.
  2. LDbc12 - Learn and play a short piece (given by a DC or the dream) on the piano.
  3. moogle - do something in a LD
  4. demented - To finish something.
  5. drd - ride Smokey
  6. avalinah - no goals, I haven’t LDed in 5 years :happy:
  7. Majah - explore a mirror
  8. Koal44 - Surf on the giant wave when it arrives
  9. Susan_Y - Transcribe some dream music
  10. ChaosAngel - Fly over countryside
  11. tachyon - Shoot explosive projectiles
  12. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift
  13. mtilton - Lucid Dream a 3rd time, and for longer!
  14. DTDownUnder - Meet a copy/ clone of myself.
  15. Jackiesworld - have a lucid dream
  16. Koharo- Confront the man from the white room
  17. MearaDelia- Meet my inner guide
  18. LucidWilliam - Climb a tree
  19. Cornelia Xaos - Jump REALLY High
  20. Globetrotter - talk to the great crab
  21. Eilatan - Dream of a Good Man
  22. AreYouMe - Advanced Flight
  23. GenghisKhan - Use a jetpack

Upon joining, you can choose a LDing technique that had no successes!
Here, we provide a list of approved techniques you can choose:

Orange:[spoiler]âš¾ Baseball: See a base ball. Koharo

â›· Skis: See skis. LucidWilliam

🀇 Mahjong: Find mahjong stones. Cornelia Xaos

📴 Mobile Phone Off: Turn off a mobile phone. LucidWilliam

🚫 No Entry: Get into a forbidden room. Koharo

🚲 Ride a Bicycle: Ride a Bicycle. ChaosAngel

🹠Hamster: See a hamster (alive).

🔒 Padlock: Open a padlock.

🔋 Batteries: Change Batteries. LucidWilliam

🇠Rabbit/Bunny: See a rabbit/bunny (alive). Majah

🀠Four Leaf Clover: See a four leaf clover. Eilatan

💾 Floppy Disk: Find a floppy disk.

🚀 Rocket: See a full sized rocket in a dream. Majah

🚜 Tractor: See a tractor in a dream.

🌈 Rainbow: See a rainbow in your dream. Eilatan

Yellow:[spoiler]âš­ Wedding: See a wedding ceremony. Cornelia Xaos

â›± Umbrella on Ground: See umbrella on ground.

🂠Domino: Find domino stones.

🎦 Cinema: Get into a Cinema.

🚱 Non-Potable Water: Drink non-potable water.

☢ Radioactive: Find radioactive waste.

🻠Bear: See a bear (alive).

🔔 Bell: Ring a manual bell.

🔌 Electric plug: Plug or unplug an electric plug.

🊠Crocodile: See a crocodile (alive).

🌠Shooting Star: See a shooting star. Majah

ðŸ Pineapple: See a pineapple.

🌉 Bridge: Walk or run over a bridge. LDbc12

☣ Biohazard: Touch biohazard waste.

🌅 Sunrise: Watch the sunrise. moogle

Green:[spoiler]✄ Scissors: Find scissors. DTDownUnder

✠Pencil: Find a pencil. Susan_Y

✈ Airplane!: See an airplane. Majah

🤠Post Office: Go to a Post Office.

💭 Thought Balloon: See a thought balloon.

💇 Haircut: Get a haircut.

🧠Penguin: See a penguin (alive).

🔧 Wrench: Use a wrench. GenghisKhan

☎ Landphone: Use a cable telephone.

ðŸ Snake: See a snake (alive).

🌱 Seedling: Touch a seedling/sapling. Susan_Y

📺 Television: Watch Television. moogle

⛺ Tent: Enter a tent in a dream. Susan_Y

🦠Bank: Enter a bank in a dream. GenghisKhan

🌇 Sunset: Watch the sunset. moogle

Blue:[spoiler]⛄ Snowman: See a snowman. AreYouMe

⛈ Thunderstorm: Watch a thunderstorm. LDbc12

🚠Helicopter: See a helicopter. James_UK2008

🨠Hotel: Go to a Hotel. LDbc12

♨ Hot Spring: Get into a hot spring. Susan_Y

ℹ Information: Reply information question. Eilatan

🵠Monkey: See a monkey (alive). ChaosAngel

🔭 Telescope: Use a telescope. Eilatan

🔪 Kitchen Knife: Use a kitchen knife.

🬠Dolphin: See a dolphin (alive).

🚉 Train Station: Go to a train station. Siiw

🚿 Shower: Take a shower. Eilatan

🌌 Constelation: See a sky full of stars. Susan_Y

🚣 Person Rowing Boat: Watch someone rowing a boat.

🌜 Moon: See the moon in a dream. Majah

Indigo:[spoiler]⛵ Sail Boat: See a sail boat on water. avalinah

â„ Snowflake: See a snowflake. tachyon

🚂 Steam Locomotive: See a steam locomotive. Siiw

🪠Convenience Store: Go to a Convenience Store. AreYouMe

⛽ Refuel: Refuel a vehicle. GenghisKhan

🎪 Circus: Get into a Circus. Majah

🷠Pig: See a pig (alive). GenghisKhan

🔬 Microscope: Use a microscope.

📼 Videocassete: See a Videocassete tape.

🙠Octopus: See an octopus (alive).

⌨ Type on Keyboard: Use a keyboard. tachyon

📟 Pager: See a pager device.

🛂 Show ID: Present ID to authorities.

🚖 Take a taxi: Take a taxi.

🚹 Men’s Restroom: Enter the specified restroom. Eilatan

Violet:[spoiler]â›´ Ferry: See a ferry vessel. Cornelia Xaos

⛸ Ice Skate: See an Ice Skate.

✑ Pen: Find an ink pen. moogle

🚤 Speedboat: See a speedboat running. moogle

🚠Bus Stop: Go to a Bus Stop. LDbc12

🚼 Carry a Baby: Carry a baby.

🴠Horse/Pony: See a horse (alive). Susan_Y

🔦 Flashlight/Electric torch: Use the flashlight. GenghisKhan

🎠Wrapped Gift: Hold a wrapped present.

😠Elephant: See an elephant (alive). GenghisKhan

📠Fax Machine: See a fax machine.

🌵 Cactus: See a cactus. GenghisKhan

🛄 Baggage Claim: Claim your luggage. Susan_Y

🌸 Flower: Pick any flower. ChaosAngel

🚺 Women’s Restroom: Enter the specified restroom. moogle

NOTICE: Unlocking is now over.

Final list of Subtasks.[spoiler]


Tasks[spoiler]1. Task 1: To the Rescue!

  1. Task 2: Racing and High Speeds!
  2. Task 3: Academy of Dreaming!
  3. Task 4: Investigation!
  4. Task 5: Not Trustworthy/Addict!

[b][size=200]Last minutes of LC60®!

Do not miss the chance to check in.

Check in is closed.
No more dreams are accepted.

Last chance for edits before final scores are posted.
Please check if there are any mistakes!

While its a tradition to thank the hosts and praise their work here, you can be honest while answering the [b][url=]survey!

It is time to answer our great feedback survey.
Please answer! It would help future LCs!
You could help the future host to make a great challenge![/url][/b]

LC60® Final Scores

Total Dream Value:[spoiler]Position Participant Total Subtask Value
1 st GenghisKhan 1,062.00
2 nd Koharo 984.00
3 rd LDbc12 719.00
4 th Eilatan 515.00
5 th moogle 385.00
6 th ChaosAngel 394.00
7 th Majah 380.00
8 th Siiw 305.00
9 th Susan_Y 290.00
10 th Cornelia Xaos 272.00
11 th James_UK2008 231.00
12 th tachyon 112.00
13 th LucidWilliam 108.00
14 th avalinah 97.00
15 th DTDownUnder 53.00
16 th AreYouMe 41.00
17 th Koal44 0.00
18 th mtilton 0.00
19 th demented 0.00
20 th drd 0.00
21 st JackiesWorld 0.00
22 nd MearaDelia 0.00
22 nd Globetrotter 0.00[/spoiler]

Totals with Shares:

[spoiler]Position Participant Total Score
1 st GenghisKhan 1,065.00
2 nd Koharo 998.33
3 rd LDbc12 736.33
4 th Eilatan 551.00
5 th moogle 414.33
6 th ChaosAngel 405.00
7 th Majah 394.33
8 th Siiw 316.00
9 th Susan_Y 306.33
10 th Cornelia Xaos 280.00
11 th James_UK2008 240.33
12 th tachyon 126.00
13 th LucidWilliam 118.00
14 th avalinah 100.00
15 th DTDownUnder 56.00
16 th AreYouMe 43.00
17 th Koal44 9.00
18 th mtilton 7.00
19 th demented 6.00
20 th drd 2.00
21 st JackiesWorld 1.00
22 nd MearaDelia 0.00
22 nd Globetrotter 0.00[/spoiler]

Just in time for the Special Lucidity Challenge Awards Ceremony!

Mew sits upon a golden throne, while watching you and the other participants try to do the new tasks in your weakened state. Tggtt is standing next to the throne, holding out a plate of cookies for Mew. You have to find a way to free Tggtt and end this LC! But how? Mew is absorbing most of your lucid powers so any sort of attacks wouldn’t end with you winning. If only you had some outside help… suddenly you and the other participants silently hatch a plan! You all focus your energy together and shine a beam of light into the sky… the LUCIDITY SIGNAL from earlier. Mew sits up a little, curious to see what you’re planning, but doesn’t feel threatened at all. You continue shining the light in desperation when you suddenly you hear something rumbling in the distance. You see some people flying in from far away… it’s the DCs from that volcanic island from Task 1! You stop shining the light as they land.

“We see you’re in trouble… and we think it’s time to truly return the favor!” one of them says. Mew gets up furiously and races over to your group but the islanders have already removed and destroyed the devices sapping your lucid powers. Tggtt curiously comes over to investigate and study what is happening… and finds Mew completely surrounded by angry LC participants.

“I… can explain, everyone! You know I was just kidding about all that ‘Taking Over The LC’ stuff! Heh… heh. …Is this going to happen at the end of every LC I host?” Mew says. And with that, you and the other LC participants decide to get your revenge on the co-host of LC60. As the catharsis ensues, you hear a loud but muffled voice echo out: “We have arrived at the venue. Please exit the doors on the right side and don’t forget any of your belongings. And PLEASE wake up any sleeping neighbors you have. Yes, anyone who fell asleep on the way here needs to WAKE UP!”

You wake up with a jolt. You’re… on a train? With a bunch of other LD4all members! Oh right… you and the others are on the way to the LC60 Special Awards Ceremony! You get up and leave to enter the venue for the awards ceremony, but turn back to watch the dream-colored train depart. You sleepily follow the others as you’re herded into a big ballroom. There’s a large stage area where the awards will be given out and lots of fancy tables everywhere for the audience. You take your seat as staff members bring out food and drinks to everyone. Once everyone’s seated the lights begin to dim and the LC hosts appear on stage. You notice that Tggtt has a giant stack of envelopes. Those can’t all be awards… can they? You prepare to be here listening to all the awards for quite a while. :tongue:

Now it’s time for awards![/center]


Lucidity Challenge 60 Special Awards Ceremony

Welcome to the Lucidity Challenge Special Awards Ceremony.

Since the LC60® is so special, we needed a special ceremony.
This will make it easier to remember this great challenge for years to come!

In LC60® everyone can be a winner!
Participants, techniques and subtasks have a special place.

If you cannot find your nickname here, we have the best wishes for you to try again next time!

Technique Awards

Most Successful Technique[/size][/b]
Nominated:1. DEILD;

  1. MILD;
  2. RCILD;
  3. VILD;
  4. WILD.
    Winner:[spoiler]WILD! (15 successes)
    Most Owned Technique
    Nominated:1. DEILD;
  5. MILD;
  6. RCILD;
  7. SSILD;
  8. VILD;
  9. WILD.
    Winner:[spoiler]MILD! (6 owners)
    Subtask Awards

Most Successful Subtask (All)[/size][/b]
Nominated:1. Any Art from Dream;

  1. DJ Entry;
  2. Drawing or Painting;
  3. LD Induction Technique;
  4. ND;
  5. Short-LD.
    Winner:[spoiler]DJ Entry! (525 successes)
    Most Successful Subtask Colorless
    Nominated:1. Any Art from Dream;
  6. DJ Entry;
  7. LD Induction Technique;
  8. Medium-LD;
  9. ND;
  10. Short-LD.
    Winner:[spoiler]DJ Entry! (525 successes)
    Most Successful Subtask Colorless Non-Accumulative
    Nominated:1. 115th Monthly Quest;
  11. Brick Building;
  12. Confusion;
  13. Reach the Waters;
  14. Underground Tunnel;
  15. Volcanic Island.
    Winner:[spoiler]Reach the Waters! (9 successes)
    Most Successful Red Subtask
    Nominated:1. Build a vehicle;
  16. Hospital;
  17. Large Fire;
  18. Learn art from a DC;
  19. Playing Card;
  20. Soccer/Football.
    Winner:[spoiler]Learn art from a DC! (5 successes)
    Most Successful Orange Subtask
    Nominated:1. Drawing or Painting;
  21. Mobile Phone Off;
  22. No Entry;
  23. Rabbit/Bunny;
  24. Ride a Bicycle;
  25. X-ray Vision.
    Winner:[spoiler]Drawing or Painting! (62 successes)
    Most Successful Yellow Subtask
    Nominated:1. Explosion!;
  26. Find a Dog to Help;
  27. Interrogate a DC;
  28. Meet your Dream Team;
  29. Sunrise;
  30. Wedding.
    Winner:[spoiler]Meet your Dream Team! (7 successes)
    Most Successful Green Subtask
    Nominated:1. Airplane!;
  31. Change Emotion of a DC;
  32. Pencil;
  33. Poetry;
  34. Scissors;
  35. Television.
    Winner:[spoiler]Change Emotion of a DC! (9 successes)
    Most Successful Blue Subtask
    Nominated:1. Cry and Weep;
  36. Helicopter;
  37. Hotel;
  38. Information;
  39. Locate a Trapped DC;
  40. Train Station.
    Winner:[spoiler]Locate a Trapped DC! (7 successes)
    Most Successful Indigo Subtask
    Nominated:1. Classroom Seat;
  41. Meet a family of DCs;
  42. Sail Boat;
  43. Special Gear;
  44. Steam Locomotive;
  45. Type on Keyboard.
    Winner:[spoiler]Meet a family of DCs! (10 successes)
    Most Successful Violet Subtask
    Nominated:1. Bus Stop;
  46. Clean up litter;
  47. Horse/Pony;
  48. Meme;
  49. Mentalize an Object;
  50. Pen.
    Winner:[spoiler]Meme! (9 successes)
    Pen! (9 successes)
    Participant Awards

Most Badges[/size][/b]
Nominated:1. GenghisKhan;

  1. Koharo;
  2. LDbc12;
  3. moogle.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (5 badges)
    Koharo! (5 badges)
    Most Unlocks (Excludes Giveaways)
    Nominated:1. Eilatan;
  4. GenghisKhan;
  5. moogle;
  6. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (7 unlocks)
    Most Giveaways (Excludes Unlocks)
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  7. Koharo;
  8. LDbc12;
  9. Majah;
  10. moogle;
  11. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (5 giveaways)
    moogle! (5 giveaways)
    Susan_Y! (5 giveaways)
    LDbc12! (5 giveaways)
    Majah! (5 giveaways)
    Maximum Unlocks
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  12. Eilatan;
  13. GenghisKhan;
  14. Majah;
  15. moogle;
  16. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (8 unlocks)
    Eilatan! (8 unlocks)
    moogle! (8 unlocks)
    Susan_Y! (8 unlocks)
    Majah! (8 unlocks)
    Most Owned Reds
    Nominated:1. drd;
  17. GenghisKhan;
  18. Koal44;
  19. Koharo;
  20. mtilton;
  21. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koal44! (3 subtasks)
    Koharo! (3 subtasks)
    GenghisKhan! (3 subtasks)
    mtilton! (3 subtasks)
    Most Owned Oranges
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  22. Eilatan;
  23. Koharo;
  24. LucidWilliam;
  25. Majah;
  26. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (4 subtasks)
    Most Owned Yellows
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  27. LDbc12;
  28. Majah;
  29. MearaDelia;
  30. moogle;
  31. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Siiw! (3 subtasks)
    Most Owned Greens
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  32. GenghisKhan;
  33. JackiesWorld;
  34. Majah;
  35. moogle;
  36. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]moogle! (5 subtasks)
    Most Owned Blues
    Nominated:1. demented;
  37. DTDownUnder;
  38. Eilatan;
  39. James_UK2008;
  40. LDbc12;
  41. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (4 subtasks)
    Eilatan! (4 subtasks)
    Most Owned Indigos
    Nominated:1. AreYouMe;
  42. Eilatan;
  43. GenghisKhan;
  44. Majah;
  45. Siiw;
  46. tachyon.
    Winner:[spoiler]AreYouMe! (4 subtasks)
    tachyon! (4 subtasks)
    Most Owned Violets
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  47. Cornelia Xaos;
  48. Eilatan;
  49. GenghisKhan;
  50. moogle;
  51. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]moogle! (3 subtasks)
    ChaosAngel! (3 subtasks)
    GenghisKhan! (3 subtasks)
    Cornelia Xaos! (3 subtasks)
    Most Colorless Completed
    Nominated:1. GenghisKhan;
  52. Koharo;
  53. LDbc12;
  54. Majah;
  55. moogle;
  56. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (228 subtasks)
    Most Reds Completed
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  57. GenghisKhan;
  58. Koharo;
  59. Majah;
  60. moogle;
  61. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (7 subtasks)
    Most Oranges Completed
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  62. Eilatan;
  63. GenghisKhan;
  64. Koharo;
  65. LDbc12;
  66. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (28 subtasks)
    Most Yellows Completed
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  67. Eilatan;
  68. GenghisKhan;
  69. Koharo;
  70. Majah;
  71. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (4 subtasks)
    Eilatan! (4 subtasks)
    Most Greens Completed
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  72. Eilatan;
  73. GenghisKhan;
  74. Koharo;
  75. LDbc12;
  76. moogle.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (12 subtasks)
    Most Blues Completed
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  77. GenghisKhan;
  78. James_UK2008;
  79. Koharo;
  80. moogle;
  81. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (7 subtasks)
    Koharo! (7 subtasks)
    Most Indigos Completed
    Nominated:1. GenghisKhan;
  82. Koharo;
  83. Majah;
  84. moogle;
  85. Siiw;
  86. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]Susan_Y! (5 subtasks)
    Koharo! (5 subtasks)
    Most Violets Completed
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  87. Eilatan;
  88. GenghisKhan;
  89. Koharo;
  90. Majah;
  91. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (12 subtasks)
    Most “Dreamed Of” (Participants Only)
    Nominated:1. Eilatan;
  92. JackiesWorld;
  93. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Siiw! (1 dream)
    Eilatan! (1 dream)
    JackiesWorld! (1 dream)[/spoiler]
    Most “Dreamed Of” (All)
    Nominated:1. Eilatan;
  94. JackiesWorld;
  95. Mew151 (Cohost);
  96. Siiw;
  97. Tggtt (Host).
    Winner:[spoiler]Mew151 (Cohost)! (2 dreams)
    Most NDs (includes RC-ND and FLD)
    Nominated:1. James_UK2008;
  98. Koharo;
  99. LDbc12;
  100. Majah;
  101. moogle;
  102. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (89 dreams)
    Most LDs (all lengths)
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  103. GenghisKhan;
  104. Koharo;
  105. LDbc12;
  106. Majah;
  107. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (15 dreams)
    GenghisKhan! (15 dreams)
    Most DJ Entries
    Nominated:1. James_UK2008;
  108. Koharo;
  109. LDbc12;
  110. Majah;
  111. moogle;
  112. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (100 entries)
    Most Art from Dreams
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  113. Cornelia Xaos;
  114. Eilatan;
  115. GenghisKhan;
  116. Koharo;
  117. LDbc12.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (36 entries)
    Most Drawing/Paintings from Dreams
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  118. Eilatan;
  119. GenghisKhan;
  120. Koharo;
  121. LDbc12;
  122. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (26 entries)
    Most Fiction from Dreams
    Nominated:[center]No one was nominated :sad:[/center]
    Most Poetry from Dreams
    Nominated:1. Koharo;
  123. moogle.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (3 entries)
    Most Music Sheets from Dreams
    Nominated:1. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]Susan_Y! (1 entry)[/spoiler]
    Most Photography from Dreams
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel.
    Winner:[spoiler]ChaosAngel! (1 entry)[/spoiler]
    Most Memes from Dreams
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  124. Koharo.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (7 entries)
    Most Sculptures from Dreams
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel.
    Winner:[spoiler]ChaosAngel! (1 entry)[/spoiler]
    Most LD Technique Successes
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  125. GenghisKhan;
  126. Koharo;
  127. LDbc12;
  128. Majah;
  129. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (13 successes)
    Most CALD Successes
    Nominated:[center]No one was nominated :sad:[/center]
    Most DEILD Successes
    Nominated:1. Koharo.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (2 successes)[/spoiler]
    Most FILD Successes
    Nominated:[center]No one was nominated :sad:[/center]
    Most HILD Successes
    Nominated:[center]No one was nominated :sad:[/center]
    Most LDILD Successes
    Nominated:[center]No one was nominated :sad:[/center]
    Most MILD Successes
    Nominated:1. Koharo;
  130. LDbc12;
  131. Majah.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (10 successes)

Most RCILD Successes
Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;

  1. Cornelia Xaos;
  2. James_UK2008;
  3. Koharo;
  4. LDbc12;
  5. Majah.
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (6 successes)
    Most SSILD Successes
    Nominated:[center]No one was nominated :sad:[/center]
    Most UILD Successes
    Nominated:[center]No one was nominated :sad:[/center]
    Most VILD Successes
    Nominated:1. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Siiw! (1 success)[/spoiler]
    Most WILD Successes
    Nominated:1. ChaosAngel;
  6. GenghisKhan.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (12 successes)
    Most Recalled Dreams
    Nominated:1. GenghisKhan;
  7. Koharo;
  8. LDbc12;
  9. Majah;
  10. moogle;
  11. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (100 dreams)
    Most Task 1 Subtask Successes
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  12. DTDownUnder;
  13. Koharo;
  14. LDbc12;
  15. Majah;
  16. Siiw.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (6 subtasks)
    Most Task 2 Subtask Successes
    Nominated:1. avalinah;
  17. Eilatan;
  18. GenghisKhan;
  19. Koharo;
  20. Majah;
  21. moogle.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (5 subtasks)
    Most Task 3 Subtask Successes
    Nominated:1. Cornelia Xaos;
  22. Eilatan;
  23. GenghisKhan;
  24. LDbc12;
  25. moogle;
  26. tachyon.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (4 subtasks)
    Most Task 4 Subtask Successes
    Nominated:1. Eilatan;
  27. GenghisKhan;
  28. Koharo;
  29. Majah;
  30. moogle;
  31. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (6 subtasks)
    Most Task 5 Subtask Successes
    Nominated:1. Eilatan;
  32. GenghisKhan;
  33. Koharo;
  34. LDbc12;
  35. Majah;
  36. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (2 subtasks)
    Eilatan! (2 subtasks)
    Most Task (All) Subtask Successes
    Nominated:1. Eilatan;
  37. GenghisKhan;
  38. Koharo;
  39. LDbc12;
  40. Majah;
  41. moogle.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (17 subtasks)
    Most Unlockable Successes
    Nominated:1. Eilatan;
  42. GenghisKhan;
  43. Koharo;
  44. moogle;
  45. Siiw;
  46. Susan_Y.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (23 subtasks)
    Koharo! (23 subtasks)
    Most Ebil Host
    Nominated:1. Mew151 (Cohost);
  47. Tggtt (Host).
    Winner:[spoiler]Mew151 (Cohost)!
    Most Benevolent Host
    Nominated:1. Mew151 (Cohost);
  48. Tggtt (Host).
    Winner:[spoiler]Tggtt (Host)!
    Week 1 Top Score
  49. Cornelia Xaos;
  50. Eilatan;
  51. Koharo;
  52. LDbc12;
    Winner:[spoiler]LDbc12! (140.33 points)[/spoiler]
    Week 2 Top Score
  53. ChaosAngel;
  54. Eilatan;
  55. Koharo;
  56. LDbc12;
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (344.66 points)[/spoiler]
    Week 3 Top Score
  57. Eilatan;
  58. GenghisKhan;
  59. Koharo;
  60. LDbc12;
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (570.99 points)[/spoiler]
    Week 4 Top Score
  61. Eilatan;
  62. GenghisKhan;
  63. Koharo;
  64. LDbc12;
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (734.00 points)[/spoiler]
    Week 5 Top Score
  65. Eilatan;
  66. GenghisKhan;
  67. Koharo;
  68. LDbc12;
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (908 points)[/spoiler]
    Tie-break 1 Top Score
  69. GenghisKhan;
  70. Koharo.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (960 points)[/spoiler]
    Tie-break 2 Top Score
  71. GenghisKhan;
  72. Koharo.
    Winner:[spoiler]Koharo! (978.33 points)[/spoiler]
    Tie-break 3 Top Score
  73. GenghisKhan;
  74. Koharo.
    Winner:[spoiler]GenghisKhan! (1062.00 points)[/spoiler]

The winner of the last tie-break wins the LC60®!

Lucidity Challenge 60 Winner

  1. AreYouMe
  2. avalinah;
  3. ChaosAngel;
  4. Cornelia Xaos;
  5. demented;
  6. drd;
  7. DTDownUnder;
  8. Eilatan;
  9. GenghisKhan;
  10. Globetrotter;
  11. JackiesWorld;
  12. James_UK2008;
  13. Koal44;
  14. Koharo;
  15. LDbc12;
  16. LucidWilliam;
  17. Majah;
  18. MearaDelia;
  19. moogle;
  20. mtilton;
  21. Siiw;
  22. Susan_Y;
  23. tachyon.
    Final Winner:
    [spoiler]GenghisKhan! (1062.00 points)[/spoiler]

Many congratulations to the winners and everyone else, who made this challenge one of the greatest in history of LD4all.

Many thanks to all participants!
We have shared our dream of a great challenge, which you made possible!
Many thanks to the participants who share their dreams as well.
Many thanks to the participants who did not give up.
Many thanks to the participants who share their art.
Many thanks to the participants who have chosen the LC60® to be their first challenge.

This will not be forgotten. I hope you have enjoyed it!

Our best wishes for the future challenges.
Remember to answer our feedback survey, if you haven’t.

LC60® in numbers

Participants: 23; (Greatest Ever: LC 39 with 25)
Hosts: 2. (Greatest Ever: LC 46 with 3)
Weekly Tasks: 5; (ex: LC 1 had 7)
Forum Posts: more than 591; (Greatest in history)
Forum Pages: at least 40; (Greatest in history)
Dreams: 577;
Total Dream Value: 5948;
Total Shared Score: 226.98;
Total Score: 6174.98;
Size of This Post: almost 60 kilobytes;
Total ND count: 499;
Total LD count: 79;
Color count: 7;
ND count: 491;
RC-ND count: 4;
Short-LD count: 47;
Medium-LD count: 24;
Long-LD count: 5;
F6-LD count: 1;
LE-LD count: 2;
FLD count: 4;
Late Dream count: 3;
DJ Entry count: 525;
Late DJ Entry count: 3;
Any Art from Dream count: 72;
Drawing or Painting count: 62;
Poetry count: 5;
Music Sheet count: 1;
Photography count: 1;
Meme count: 9;
Sculpture count: 1;
LD Induction Technique count: 43;
Successful DEILD count: 2;
Successful MILD count: 13;
Successful RCILD count: 12;
Successful VILD count: 1;
Successful WILD count: 15;
115th Monthly Quest count: 2;
Personal Goals: 22;
Successful Personal Goals: 5;
Tie-break days: 3;
Winner: 1.

Good night, LD4all!

The End.

Lucidity Challenge 60

Executive Producer

Lead Programmer

Challenge Design

Task & Subtask Design

Storyboard & Writing

Score updates

News & Reports

Public Relations (Hype)

Survey Design

Economics Consulting
Past Challenge Consulting
Cornelia Xaos
Previous Host
Technical Support
Website Support
IRC Bot Programming & Hosting

Special thanks to:
The moderation team who helped to make this possible.
Other scribes for motivation.

The story and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious.
No animals were harmed in the making of LC60®.
Copyright © 2017 Tggtt & Mew151.

Thank you for participating.
You played the greatest role in this story.

[spoiler]We plan to share the LC60® Source Code openly.

[center]Please join/fork us!
Lucidity Challenge at GitHub[/center]

We will present a report for the survey soon.
Please answer if you haven’t!

Fun challenge and brilliant hosts. So glad I managed to collect a rainbow of subtasks even though I had already maxed on owned subtasks.

:bow: Tggtt

:bow: Mew

oops, nearly forgot
Congrats GenghisKhan on winning.
Great tense final days with the tie breaking with Koharo. You both did great.

Congratulations GenghisKhan!

Thank you for hosting Tggtt and Mew151!

runs into the room
" Hi everyone! I’ve had no Internet out at the camp for a couple weeks, but I’m back now, and I’m ready to get back into the LC…oh…it’s finnished."

Oh well,

Congrats Gengis!!!

Thank you again to Tggtt and Mew for hosting !
It has been an awesome LC !

Thanks Koharo for heating up the competition: even though I joined mostly to end a 6-months dry spell, in the end the scoring struggle and tie-break was really fun and exciting !

Thank you all !

It would be a pleasure hosting LC61, even though the burden is heavy: it could result in an immense step backward :woo:
I’d appreciate Tggtt help to understand how the wonderful LC site worked and, possibly, replicate it
Also, anyone wishing to co-host for a smooth LC would be more than welcome !

Thanks for hosting Tggtt and Mew! You did an excellent job. Nice fun stories to read and also very up to date with the scores and everything. :thumbs:

At first I thought about participating but I didn’t. Maybe I should have, because in hindsight, I think this challenge would have helped me with dream recall. (and well writing down my dreams in general, as I stopped after the ND challenge.)

At times I felt like the challenge was more about dream recall than about dream incubation or lucid dreaming, but in the end those with the most lucid dreams did become the top two so I guess it is quite balanced :smile: Plus it helps that you can only do the subsubtaks or however they are called once.

I would be honored if the LC60® served as a stepping stone for the future challenges.
I intend to release the LC60® system as open-source.


  1. I might be too busy to provide technical support depending on when it is hosted. (I intentionally accepted to work on the challenge during July which is often an easy month for me)
  2. I do not own the server of the system, it was provided by geekboy. I promised it would be seasonal, not a long time usage.
  3. I recommend to wait for the survey answers before proceeding, many people dislike the format of LC60 and we must assess how many and adapt.
  4. There is an issue with estimating value variation before the first claim (subtask values) that I did not have time to improve. I had to manually execute a procedure to update them as a work-around. Rest assured that the claimed scores were precise regardless. Perhaps the next challenge won’t use it, it is up to the new host.

Thanks for kind comments up to now. Please complete the survey if you haven’t.

Thank you very much Sandra!
I am honored that non-participants were also following.

Well, we almost reached 25 participants. almost.

I believe that recall is very important for LDing.[spoiler]The amount of subtasks was planned to encourage recall.
The idea was that the dreamers would wake up and then check the subtasks they achieved even without planning… and help them to recall.

Initially I wanted to implement a strict limit on unlocks but felt like participants would hate missing giveaways more than having too many subtasks.

I expected participants to focus more on the tasks instead of the unlockables.
Maybe they were just not used to the format.[/spoiler]

Please add more comments, I will also try to add more highlights that should help the next host.

Congratulations to GenghisKhan :clap:

Thanks to Tggtt and Mew for hosting LC60, I enjoyed it a lot :happy:

Thanks for your availability, even though limited, it’s appreciated !

  1. understand, but I guess we’ll figure out something…
  2. Totally agree, I intend to wait for survey results before anything else
  3. That seems like a totally acceptable trade-off

I have been waiting for answers but I guess we have enough after so long.

Pool Results.
I had to remove the plots because they made the file too large.

Only IDs 8 and 19 had more than 5 mistakes in the LC60® test.
Since they were only 2, I did not remove them from the results.

LC60® had a lot of score value decrease for LDs, so techniques plus an LD would still be worth less than in past LCs.
Still, it could be further improved.

A quick solution that would completely work is to make the techniques non-accumulative.
Some might ask to add a limit higher than 1 for them, however it would require substantial coding on the system if it’s going to be used again (unless the limit is made manually).

In my original plan for LC60® value variation, they would be more aggressive than 0 to 7 points. It was a point of concern (pun intended) since it would be hard to people to calculate their scores, so they would have trust issues with my score keeping.[spoiler]In the original plan, the variable scores would curve down exponentially when someone had too many successes, to effectively force people to vary their techniques/stop hoarding points.
The effect would work like a stock crash.


Many people asked for less subtasks. Adding less subtasks is actually easier to do.
In my original plan, there wouldn’t be as many subtasks, but they would still be plenty.
Since many of them were simple, they wouldn’t require much incubation, but more recall.
The idea behind the amount would be to encourage dreamers to improve their recall by checking the open subtasks.

Things that seem to work:

  1. More than one host.
  2. Art points.
  3. Daily updates.
  4. Technique points.
  5. Task, subtasks and subsubtasks.
  6. Weekly deadlines.
  7. Badges.
  8. Strict day of week for new tasks.
  9. Subtask Voting.
  10. Challenge Length Voting.
  11. Feedback Surveys.
  12. Dream of Participant.

Decreasing the value of LDs was positive to balance. But balancing is sometimes hard to notice when you are a participant.

Removing the task performed in LD bonus seems positive. It is already easier to perform tasks when you are lucid. This means that bonus was terrible for balancing.

Length voting had a high rating. So it is nice to give the people a chance to extend what they like or shorten what they don’t like.

People seem to like dreaming of participant subtasks.

I did not expect people to like the deadlines, but it had high rating.
The plan behind deadlines is twofold:1. To calculate the variable score;

  1. to avoid a huge dump from someone who is away;

Funfact: The badges were not initially planned. They were added after I wrote the signups. I did not expect it to be valuable, but it probably motivates the participants.
It is actually easy to add and if the next challenges use it, they could have fixed badge system to avoid partiality.

It is important to remember that we did not have all the participants voting.
This means that only people who like surveys may have completed it, affecting this result.

Things that do not have much effect and are up to the host:

  1. IRC bot.
  2. Subtask owning and sharing.
  3. More points for late tasks.
  4. Unlockables.
  5. Named Subtask categories (colors).
  6. Similar Scoreboard System.
  7. Tie-break.

We do not have strong preference/hate for the subtask owning. So it is up to the host.

The participants might not notice that it is important while they are just participating.
The fixed base score increase is effective for balancing.
This is when the new task has more valuable subtasks than previous tasks.
I argue that it is valid since the new task is valid for less time (while the past tasks are still open).
It was already implemented in LC47 and is not a new thing (further thanks to Mew151 for collaborating with our score system).

Qualitative answers praise the tie-breaking because it is exciting.
We do not have strong quantitative preference/hate for the tie-breaking, so it is up to the host.

Giveaways did not work well, still, things were much better than I expected. I expected most participants to just ignore it.
From the host perspective, unlockables and voting are good since the participants have power to add the subtasks they prefer.
The participants might feel motivated because of their contribution and at the same time the host has a feedback on how they like the subtasks before the first success.

Without unlocking, the colors do not add much.
You should not add score for completing a color/set/rainbow because it is not balancing. There could just be more badges.

[spoiler]Without the unlocking, the colors are almost useless. They were added to balance the demand for subtasks.

Spoiler: It is proven to work with Monopoly. The cards were not a coincidence.


For some reason, surveys and poll have been high rated but subtask voting did not have the same result.

Some people did not like the scoreboard. Some prefer spreadsheets.
This means the system should be improved to show data like spreadsheets.
Perhaps some day we could have collaboration on the LC system, which was one of my ideas.

Things that did not work:

  1. Newsroom.
  2. RSS feed.
  3. Value variation for subtasks.
  4. Named Subtask types.

Apparently hardly anyone cared for the news page.
I don’t know if anyone tried using the RSS.

People are apparently afraid of the value variation and it wasn’t welcomed.

The named subtask types (ex: simple task, lucidity power, DC-related) were added to balance the tasks. Tasks from 1 to 4 had the same number of each subtask type.

This is actually good for the task design but participants do not care much about it.

I hope it helps. I could add more trivia about the LC60 that could actually be helpful.

Agree on everything. Making techniques score decrease in value over time - or even non-accumulative - would help the balance even more
At the expense of increased complexity in calculating scores

LOL at the picture !

All in all, I think this is LC60 major achievement, increasing importance of recall and improve incubation thanks to the many simple subtasks

Very good points

Personally I think the overall “Strict day of week for new tasks” / “Strict Deadline” / “Daily update” works VERY well, both in terms of engagement to the LC and topic re-visit

My personal guess is that subtask Colors / Giveaways / Unlocks (owning) system adds a nice flavor to the LC, but in the end doesn’t really affect scores too much
On the other hand, it makes everything seemingly more complex than how it really is, so overall it could make sense to use it once in a while ?

Bolded sentence is very important, 100% share


Noted too. I was not even aware that this existed at all :happy:

All that said, let me PM you ! :smile:

Dear dreamers, I am still looking for a co-host

Please don’t be shy, in case you fear it could be too much work, too much exposure, or whatever, let me say: any level of help and involvement will be very much appreciated, so don’t worry ! Please PM me and let’s discuss !

LC60® Source Code Update.

[center]Please join/fork us!
Lucidity Challenge at GitHub[/center]

I just need to point that there are still open issues related to the automatic weekly value variation that I did not have time to fix. They are simply full of workarounds.
In LC60® I made the updates manually to ensure precision.