Lucidity failure troubleshooting

How can I increase my lucidity from very very low to complete?

How can I do reality checks that work in public? All of them involve doing something odd.

I can’t be sure if this would work reliably in dreams but there was this one on this forum which involved closing one eye and seeing if you can see your nose :confused:. Another one is checking your hands to see if you have the right amount of fingers :puh: , this looks normal if you just pretend you are looking at the time :clock: or something else. You can just use the nose one and pretend you are itching it. :smile:

I try to push an index finger into my other hand or a surface, it can be done unnoticed.
You can also expect something that is only possible in dreams to happen. eg see a unicorn

In my dreams I am always in third person and can do very little unless I have a body, How can I control my dreams if I have no body to control and no hands to look at?

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To confirm you are dreaming expect to see something impossible in real life. Infact being DO (disembodied observer) is a big heads up it is a dream.
Then you can either control the dream as its producer/director or think outside the box to make it a first person dream.

Have your body arrive at scene functioning on autopilot and ‘enter it’ for example.

I got partially lucid in stage one sleep, not lucid enough though: only on the very edge of consciousness, the dreams start and end so fast in stage one but that is as far as I can get. I was probably 70% unconscious and 30% conscious, any advice on becoming more than 30% lucid? If I lay there in stage one sleep will I stay conscious through stage two and three until I hit rem? :help: :help: :help:

this might explain what I experienced a little better:
REM dream reports are typically longer, more bizarre, more perceptually vivid, more emotionally charged and more motorically animated, whereas NREM dream reports contain more thought-like mentation and representation of current concerns…
In other words, not vivid enough how can I get to REM sleep lucid dreaming? :help: :help: :help:

I don’t use WILD myself and I guess you are using this method. It is usually recommended to WILD after being asleep for 5-6 hours. Later dreams are longer plus you will enter REM faster.

I now remember some dreams I have in stage one sleep, they are half way between thoughts and dreams. I was in stage one sleep when I suddenly falling onto my bed from a height of about a foot, it felt very real and I have vague memories of this happening a few weeks ago but I somehow just forgot about it the first time it happened, it was mostly just the feeling you have when you are moving at a high speed and suddenly stop. Not scary or anything, just very weird. What happened?

I only do reality checks when I am thinking about lucid dreaming which is often in the real world but in dreams I don’t think much about lucid dreams. How can I do it without having to think of lucid dreams first? I also may have a dream inside a dream if I think about lucid dreaming while dreaming. :help: :help: :help:

Make it into a habit so it enters into your dreams too. But never do them on ‘autopilot’

From the RC FAQ in the FAQs and Tutorials…

[i]"When should I take my reality checks?
The main time you should take your reality checks is quite simply whenever you remember. However, there are a number of times where taking a reality check can prove to be very beneficial. So you could also try taking your reality checks:

  • Every time you wake up
  • Every time you’re talking or thinking about dreaming/lucid dreaming.
  • Whenever you feel afraid
  • Whenever you feel something is strange or out of place
  • Whenever you see one of your dream signs
    Remember that dreams could often reflect what is in waking life. This is something you can take advantage of. If you know there are habits or common events that can be found in your waking life, then it would be a good idea to associate reality checks with them. For example, if you always did an RC every time you see a cloud in your waking time, then there is a reasonable chance that you’ll do that RC in your dreams if you also see a cloud then. Associations like this can be very helpful when you start taking reality checks. "[/i]

I am trying to get into a lucid dream by visualization but when I try to visualize myself in first person I feel dizzy and fall on the ground(in my visalualization) when I visualize myself in first person I cannot stand on my feet properly no matter how hard I try help me :help: :help: :help: please give advice and explain this

I cannot visualize myself in third person or I fall over in the visualization, any advice?

When you start entering sleep paralysis, you twitch and vibrate as it’s your brain ‘testing’ to see if your awake. If you resist or respond to these actions, your brain will know you are awake. If you stay limb, you will enter sleep paralysis.

I see my dream signs almost every night and I always either fail to realize what they are or my mind comes up with some complex reason why I have no thumb. My mind invented a whole story about my brain being hooked up to an egg shaped space ship and me being under mind control for involuntary space exploration. Seems believable the way my brain does it. I always fail reality checks either from this or because I believe I am hallucinating, I look away than look back and all is normal.

I still have not been fully sucessful, any advice?

I think affirmatiion works best

Hmm there many Lds facing visualization kind problems hey you dont need to visualize your mind create his own dream based on your thoughts or whatever you did in day you just need to watch you should practice mindfulness or watching thoughts meditation after doing these your will abe to stay aware for long time and also be able to watch the thoughts like HI in WILD just surrender

It takes time for me in the beginning i was very less conscious in my first LDs i was not applied any of technique it come to me naturally when i lucid thoughts like doing anything not comes in my mind i just flyed It was as if my subconscious was doing it on its own. I had no control. This is the first stage. As we practice, we become more and more lucid