Lunar eclipse tonight.

I think the total eclipse will be around 4 am, Its supose to be copper, and look about 8 percent larger. Even though I have to work tomorow, Ill stay up to see this one. I wonder if it would effect dreams?


I have school tomorrow…


Nice. Lunar all the way…

Well I read somewhere that full moons are the best time of the month for lucid dreaming. And the next moon phase directly after a full moon is the best time of the month for dream recall. Then again, I also heard that new moon is the best time for dark sex ritual magic, and you don’t see me doing any of that. kekeke :whistle:

I’ll try and catch it, i’m interested in all things astronomy :grin:

I would stay up if I could stay up that late but I have school >_<

I think I’ll set my alarm to check it out.

In a little under 6 hours from now, the eclipse is supposed to be in its most impressive form. That happens to be about 8pm over here, so I should be able to check it out when I get home. We seem to miss out on most of these astronomical phenomena, so I’m looking forward to seeing this.

The partial eclipse is about to begin for Pacific timers! About 6 minutes!

I saw it about 2 hours ago, very impressive.

It was very awesome, I’ll post some pics here in a second.

Here they are:

i went to sleep it would be at 5 or 4 int the morning where i am…

Nice pics Hatter! :happy:

The eclipse was really cool! It looked like Io had come over for a visit, for a while! :happy:


Aww… i missed it too :bambi: .

Nice pictures The Mad Hatter :content:

Thanks guys, I tried my best, but I need a better camera to get anything bigger. It captures the idea though, for all those who missed it.


Hatter, #6 is the best :wink:

There is another soalr eclipse coming Sept 11th. So get ready.

The lunar eclipse wasn’t visible at all from here :sad:

That one is only visible from South America and Antarctica though, according to NASA’s eclipse pages. There’s a solar eclipse on
Aug 1st 2008 that should be visible from some of North America and large parts of Europe and Asia, though :content: (it’s even a total eclipse if you’re in the right place)