Maintaining Lucidity

Hey everybody!

I’ve recently been having quite a few lucid dreams(3 within a week), but I find that after I become lucid, I don’t have very long before it becomes a normal dream and I lose lucidity. Anyone wanna help me with this?

Also, are there any ‘tricks’ that anyone could tell me to keep from waking up?

I realize that I have to stay calm to keep from waking up. I also use the spinning trick to keep the sensation of my hands on my bed at bay. Apparently, it’s supposed to be used to make the surroundings more vivid. So, are there any tricks to keep the sensations from coming?

Thanks everybody!

The first time i had a lucid dream i got so excited and felt myself waking up.
I rubbed my hands together and spun around while trying to focus on the sensation in my hands and environment around me. I think you have to keep your mind generating or experiencing the dream world. If your mind is focused and working to generate the dream world around you, to generate the feeling in your hands, it would be harder to wake up.

This is my experience anyway. Good luck :grin:

you could also look at the ground :smile: