making my LDs more alive


Ive had three LDs the last week now, which is a radiacl increase, probably because ive had some time off and have been sleeping for about ten hours a night.

Anyhow. My problem now is that when I become lucid it is hard for me to actually do anything. The best one this far was when I was capable of finding a balcony, from which I threw myself and started flying. I had some problems at first, but then it went allright and it was extremly beautiful, as the trees were very rich in colors.

In the other dreams the rooms suddenly become brown or grey and most of the things in them seem to disappear. I know of a lot of things to do in a dream but when i stand there, realizing that im dreaming, there seems to be nothing to do. Also i seem to make false awakenings all the time, which brings me out of the LD and also makes it much harder to remember everything that happened.

exactly my problem, once im lucid i simply fall into a black void nowadays which i cant really move away from :confused:

havent had such problems when i started :tongue:

Zero Sky, what you could try to do is to stay calm, maybe simply breathe very deeply for a few seconds. That should stabilize the dream, and make you remeber what to do.
If that is not enough, you an rub your hands or shake them, it’s sometimes very efficient to make the dream more vivid… :content:

Nilksmorre, same advice, the balck void where you cant’ move away from is a state where the dream is not yet created, if you breathe deeply for some time, the dream should come by itself… :smile:

hehe thx for your reply will do :wink: