Making WILD your own (updated)

This here.
Tggtt’s “(WILD Reference) The Trance Levels with Awareness” topic
I’ve been looking for something like this, glad there is one. With this I can gain more from my personal WILD attempts.

Oh, I forgot I even posted that :razz:

Glad it helped, and special thanks to Tggtt :content:

Hmm, I think this topic was written during a brief period of absence on the forums, so I missed. But as someone who’s successfully had a couple (though not many) WILD’s, I applaud this topic. I find it to be extremely helpful, because it boils WILD back down to the basic and dispels some of the “myths” that plague the technique.

Because aside from the first few that I had, all of my WILD’s have been very uneventful as far as HI or SP goes. I barely even notice the transition usually. The sleeping position thing used to keep me up for hours at night a few years ago. This should really be put in the Article Database or something, because it’s something most people who are into WILD should know.

Thank you for the post Rhewin! :tongue:

I just keep stumbling over this: as I begin to fade into a dream, SP pops in and I immediatley get aware of it (while I’m a bit in “daydreaming-mode”) and this excitement feeling comes up too the very second SP pops up and I snap out of all of this. Now what I described here happens in maximum 1 second. What’s there to be done ?

Secondly, what about breathing ?? A very big problem: when I’m getting pretty deep, I suddenly remember the breathing part. Then I take over the breathing and it doesn’t go “automatically” anymore, which makes me feel that it’s ruining all of it, because I either breathe too deep or either to slowly which makes me want more air and which causes a deep breath. Deep breaths are very good SP-getting-rid-of’s, so I really think it’s ruining most of the part… :sad:

When i am counting, "1, i am dreaming, 2 i am dreaming, etc. Would it work to count that kinda in an outloud voice but not really loud? Because i think that if i do, it will keep me focused and not falling asleep so easily, know what i mean?

Sorry I just noticed these two questions :shy:

Don Anonymus: So when you say you enter SP, you mean that your body is fully paralyzed, not just numb, right? Once your body is in SP, i.e. it has fallen asleep, it has been my experience that it is better to switch over to something like VILD. I already have the body out of the way, so I then actively try to make a dream. As for your excitement which breaks the SP, I don’t have much to say other than to try to ignore what your body feels like all together.

Rhett: Actually speaking will keep you awake. It’s the same reason we say not to move, you are trying to convince your body to fall asleep. I know I said moving can be ok, but I meant to adjust and get comfortable. Count in your mind, yell it even, but don’t actually count out loud.

Why have I never seen this topic before?

Now I know I can swallow. :eek:

Very helpful tut Rhewin! You’ve confirmed all that I have suspected about WILD.

do you have any tips on entering the dreams.

For me WILD works usually when my sleep is heavily disturbed. It means that i start to have HI images, or some semi-dream scenes. I watch them with my conciousness awake, and then i try if i can to “enter” them and turn them into LD-s. Sometimes it works, sometimes i cannot turn them into dreams and they dissapear. But it’s just my personal experience what i had recently.

Thanks for the post! I am very new at this and am very eager and excited to learn more. I have really been getting stuck with the swallowing issue but I am so glad I found this! I thought I had to NEVER SWALLOW! lol I thought I was gonna die! But I pushed through it and after the intense burning in my throat went i away i forgot to stay focused on trying to LD hahaha

Tried and did not see some progress so far, but I am gonna try sme more and notify you of any results.

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this is great i will definitely keep these in mind when i try WILD again. i use DILD mainly, i just do RCs throughout the day and hope i do one in a dream, sometimes i do MILD as well which seems to work very well, i seem to be quite sensitive to it, i just say “i will have a lucid dream” a couple of times and go to sleep, normally i will have one the next morning. still the idea of being able to WILD is fascinating and i want to do it. i wonder if its possible to WILD during the day as well? like in the after noon or something? well i will give these tips a try and keep trying, sooner or later I’ll do it :smile:

Hello guys!
That’s amazing post!

I’m beginner Lucid Dreamer and wanna ask you a question .
I’ve collected 4-5 dreams so far, but setting goal, finding dreamsigns etc. look a bit uncomfortable or unreal methods for me. and I can’t do that wake back to bed and Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream techniques because of my school and teachers. My only free day is Sunday and I can only do that techniques on that day.

anddd… the question: what if I try doing WILD already?
What do you think? Is it yet suitable for me? Do I need some experience in setting goals, collecting dreamsigns and so?
Any help will be appreciated !

WBTB is needed in order to perform WILD more easily. So I would suggest you just filling your DJ and gathering DS’s. Because when you do WILD straight to night’s sleep (without WBTB) you will spend at least an hour of lying in bed and not moving. And when you finally are in a dream, it will last only a few seconds or even less, because you will lack of experience what to do when you get lucid. So I think it’s just a waste of time, energy and motyvation. Your dream will be extremely unstable and will fade away very quickly. I would suggest you just filling your DJ and that’s all.

Thank you very, very much!

I’ve been looking at the articles here and are quite impressed with the quality of them. Obviously some very experienced lucid dreamers here :smile:
This one on WILD is the first Ive disagreed with based on my own self taught WILDs (I dont disagree with it all), so thought I’d share how it is for me.

For myself I used to do WILD at any time at all, mostly during the day as long as I can fall asleep I had a good chance of doing a WILD (my favourite time was having an 15-20 min afternoon nap and doing this then). The faster I fell asleep, the faster I’d have the WILD which would happen instantly on falling asleep.

I used to have about 50-60% success with it when I tried. Its my favourite techinque as it can be done at any time at all. I dont like to wake myself up during the night so dont like WBTB.

I love how I can just do so many different things in a lead up to a WILD. I just do whatever I feel like doing at the time, to keep my mind active a bit while I fall asleep. I love the freedom of this technique.

Im fairly sure with WILD that a person could end up being successful 100% of the time with it with practice and experience, teaching the mind to go into this state instead of the sleep state. I do think I would of ended up like that had I keep up doing LD, the more I was doing it, the more I was mastering WILD.

The only negative thing I found about doing WILD in the middle of the day is that they for me were shorter and far more prone to drop outs then if I had a LD during the middle of the night using other techniques.

With doing a WILD at any time, I would have to work a lot harder to keep myself in the dream.

That being said, I still had often decent LDs with daytime WILDs eg enough to try one of my dream challenges and the fade outs are good practice for dream stabilization mastery and also of pulling oneself back into a dream.

I think this is a valid technique even for some beginners… only last week I was talking to beginner who has just mastered daytime WILDs for his first LDs. Over the years Ive known many beginners who started with WILD (most thou not during the day… most beginners are better doing WBTB with WILD).

Unfortunately if people think this is going to be hard, it is likely then to be. Never go into trialing any LD technique with that thought in mind as with LD you are working with the subconsciousness. What you think is super important for better success.

No-one can tell anyone what technique they will be better at, its really a case of experimentation thou WILD certainly can be difficult for some but others have found it easier then the other techniques.

There is technique involved in having lots of successful WILDs and a person needs to find what I call their “sweet spot” to get the balance right of when to let go more so to enter the LD. With experience or if a beginner stumbles upon this, WILD can become easy.

I completely agree with what was said by the one who write this article. “Make WILD your own”.
Do make every single WILD you have your own… dont be shy to just go with the flow of whatever you feel is the right thing to be doing at the time. You do not need a set way to do your WILDs.

I really like this discussion :content:

I notice that technics are different for people because I think we all agree to tell that something that works for somebody won’t work for another.

As far as I’m concerned, I noticed that the Wbtb that worked better were the ones I didn’t plan…the day I put my alarm clock and follow all the advices, I didn’t even remember my dreams !

But i can tell that goals are effecient for me…I always managed to stay lucid when I had one…and now I gave it up, I saw my last LD melt like snow in summer.

The keys are not the tecnics but the fact to try and find the one that works for you.