Making WILD your own (updated)

Thanks for this post, Rhewin!! I am very new to this topic, and when I looked at those “WILD rules” stated here on the forum, I felt very uncomfortable about them, because they did not seem logical to me. Just exactly what you said: I cannot sleep on my back, and even if, I could not dream long enough as my wife would give me a knuff as I start snoring then. :wink:

Same applies for everything you said… I also mixed mantras and counting to stay focused, and I even leave my eyes open if forcing my eyelids shut feels uncomfortable. Your eyes close automatically if you fall asleep, but I think having darkness around you helps.

As a result, I had my first feeling of success in WILDing last night. It was not yet an LD, but it started to come out right. This was the second(!) night trying and I simply did it “my way”.

By the way, I had another Idea, which seemed to work for me: When certain things make you lucid or keep you lucid, why not “embed” them into the focusing.

Instead of counting I tried to imagine how I look at my hands, how I rub them, and how I swirl around. When I “fall” into a dream, why not in a way that makes it lucid and stable right from the start…

Thanks a lot, Rhewin. I think this thread helped me atleast a bit to free my mind. :grin:

Excellent post, thank you Rhewin!

In my personal experience, following those rules (don’t move, don’t smallow, ecc.) had turned WILD in some kind of medieval torture :happy:
I’ll keep on trying in a smarter way :smile:

@DaConceit: Congratulations on almost making it :content:. What you said about images is actually one of the ways I do WILD. It’s not quite VILD as you’re not incubating the dream, your just focusing on things that help you become lucid. Great insight for a beginner.

@Beat Doctor: Good, I was hoping it would. WILD gets so many people’s mind full of garbage that they can’t even come near success.

@Fabio: :lol: I like your description. Again, the rules are meant to help you get an idea of what to do, but following them to the letter can be a bit unsavory.

I’ve done this many times and it works great. Suddenly I’d start feeling my hands rub and I’d have two pairs of hands, physical and dream ones. From there it’s just a little more attention on the dream ones and start imagining other senses slowly and I’m lucid!

And great post, Rhewin. Although I’m sure we’ll still see many “I have the swallowing issue” posts :tongue: We must keep our sanity! :nuu:

I have found a good way with WILD if you are having trouble with the start and first part of getting to hi or such. Try just going to sleep have no attempts at WILD just let yourself go to sleep, this gets rid of the swallowing problem for a while. Trust yourself that once you have been lying there for abit remember about the WILD attempt, by this point you will feel more chilled and have this incredibly calm feeling, this I have found helps with WILD.

Remeber a WILD attempt where you just fall asleep with no LD or ND is 100 times better than just giving up.

:content: Excellent post, Rhewin! This is definately going to help a lot of people!

i reached an all-time best last night. got to SP & HI and passed mental excitement… but then the feelings broke off and i lost some of the transition. so i should create movement in my mind? ok.
i did this without wbtb, maybe i should try wbtb and see how much further i can get?
i really like SP i dont know why people don’t… its like i know i can easily will myself to move, but im just so much further from actually doing it… like thinking " maybe i’ll move after this next attempt to sleep conscience".

Thanks for the post. It’s good that you take the attention away from all the SP and HI mambojambo. The less you take notice of the stuff happening to you the better is my experience. If you’re waiting for something to happen like vibration, SP or HI, then you probably never fall asleep at all. The only successful WILD attempt I had I didn’t even notice any HI or SP at all.

if you have a song stuck in your head, could you focus on that to stay “awake”?

When I have a song stuck in my head it does keep me awake, which is the problem. You see, when you WILD, you have to fall asleep. You have to be sleeping to dream. The trick is to stay aware. Now, there are some people who do respond well to music, and there is a variation on WILD that uses music to maintain focus. I want to say it’s called M-WILD, but I’m not sure :shy:

Still, whatever you use make sure you can focus. I’ve fallen asleep with the TV on and the noise was just incorporated into the dream (i.e. DC’s were acting out what I was hearing). Music can be the same, so whatever you use, keep the focus on dreaming.

True. I was never really scared of SP, I was/am actually quite fond of it. And I would describe it like you can move, but you don’t know how to. Like you’re playing a game and you don’t know the controls to move.

My problem with WILD is that every night I get a new problem hehe. I try to find a solution during the day, and actually do find it but a new problem comes up. Sometimes I am too awake or just unaware. Sometimes I get iches that turn into pain with time and when I move I brake the process. Sometimes I’m just stuck at the same progress level for hours.

Well, i actually know the controls… use selective attention. focus on your left arm for eg. imagine sparks or light building up in it, trying to get out, you control the valve…so open it when you want to move… and thats only in extreme cases.
do you use WBTB? for some reason i don’t often try it… i guess because i have to work a early most mornings, so i try WILD without it, i think of it as intensive training lol.
i find reasons for faliure also. i think excersie around bedtime is one of the best things you can do, aswell as reading, writing, drawing, math,… anything mentally excersising. as well as a satisfying day. if you don’t feel you’ve accomplished much in a month, week, day, thoughts will not leave you alone at night, our sleep rituals reflect every other aspect of our lives.

approximately how much percent would my chances of a WILD increase if i start using WBTB? anyone guesstimate?

The chances would double, that’s for sure. If you give some effort to it, WBTB can really be useful.

thanks… i better try it soon, because i can get to a decent point without it.

Based on my experience it’s 100% seeing as how I’ve never had a successful WILD without WBTB. But, others have so that really doesn’t hold an water :tongue:. No one can say how much higher the chances will be for you. As I’ve been trying to say, we’re all different and can all expect different results. Still, I would say that it would greatly increase your chances, even if you don’t get out of bed for the WBTB.

thanks, and i believe your right just based on how this morning after my alarm went off, i closed my eyes to try WILD except now i was almost too tired… i just need to focus more i think and my mind will drift.

Yes, find something that will keep you focused. It could also help if you wake up just a little bit more, like to write in you DJ

Like I said in the other thread, it would be good to have a clock that goes tick-tock. When you feel like you’re loosing awareness, just listen to it for a while.