Malac's 95% LD tech (discussion of)

I don’t think they’ve even got a method, just put it on there to see what kind of false hope and buzz they generated.

Well, I’d give it a chance anyway. :wink: I’d try any tech, just to see whether it’s better than the usual.

I assume 95% is the succes rate by the way Duck (whether you will have a LD at all using this tech), not that 95% of all your dreams will be lucid… Heck, I wouldn’t even want that! :tongue:

All of you guys are saying: “95%? Impossible!”, but why won’t you give it a chance? I don’t know if it’s a scam or not, but I know I’ll try it if this guy will post it.
So before you say something like “Now way! He can’t do it!”, try it first, give it a shot. :smile: :razz:

Let’s say that I’ve seen so much “powerful” methods that had to give a LD every night. I tested out some of them, very enthusiastically. I can’t say they didn’t worked, but none of them was so good it had to be. If you are going to try it, tell me if it wasn’t like any method that was discovered right now (variations of WILD, variations of MILD, RC, CAT, MuILD, Chaining, lding at will, etc etc etc.)

I respect Malac for his technique, but I don’t think it’s necessary to accuse him of being a lier just yet. He could be testing it out or what not. Generally, percentages that are given out before a technique’s release are completely false, and he probably made that high number up to grab attention. Now, whether or not the whole technique is fake and only serves a purpose of making him popular, I cannot say; however, time will reveal the true mystery.

i dunno, Ben. You’re 100% success rate applied to me!

2 lds! Low level, and i wasn’t thinking straight, but it’s a start!

If you have read the post malac will be posting the technique thursday or friday. Soon we will see if its a hoax or the real thing. Malac got the 95% from a group of people I think 9 people in all so maybe he isn’t lying about the 95% chance. If this is a joke then alot of people will be sad :cry:

What are MuILD and CAT?? :help: [/b]

dunno but CAT is where you get up earlier than normal for like a week and then you don’t get up early.

CAT - Cycle Adjustment Technique.


Malac was claiming this thing was practically effortless too, I believe, in the Infinity post…

I, for one, can’t wait to see what his idea is. Good or not, at least its another addition to the lineup.

He’s probably got a lot of hate email from angry citizens.

If malac was lying I would be pretty annoyed. I have also been waiting since the original post, which was friday or saturday. Malac has got me acting like a kid. If it is a hoax then it is the best hoax I have seen. Well his new method is not a Fild and it is very long maybe five pages also it takes three days to work.

The suspense is killing me I can’t wait to tomorrow it feels like christmas. Magical thinking is the worst thing ever :sad: .

I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but please don’t give your hopes up. A method is a method, no one technique is better than the other for all lead to lucidity; it’s just a matter of you finding the one that’s compatable. This “96% chance” technique will be like anything else (WILD, MILD, DILD) in an essence that it’s either a working one for you or not.

In other words, don’t panic if this technique, if released, doesn’t work. It simply just means your subconscious didn’t fall for it’s tricks to command you to have lucidity.

I think malac will drang the topic on intill april the first and say april fools.

I really hope he’s not just pulling our legs. A new tech would be useful (even if it wasn’t actualy 95% success rate).

If he’s lying, I’ll truit him!

I personally think that if someone has trouble ordering their sentences to make lucid sense, I don’t see how they could possibly order their ideas constructively to lucidly dream.

I personally think after a while people shoudl start to formulate their own techniques. It’s easiest this way. Considering the intrinsic power lucid dreams may have, someone who is so intact with themself and their mind is likely able to naturally come to a technique that is most efficient for them. In every corner of the internet there is someone waiting with a scheme to trick that corner’s populace. Blank words mean nothing, so pay no attention to them. In this case, he basically points to a hope that all have for a simple way to achieve lucid dreaming. Nothing wothwhile is simple. The amount of work you put into something is reflected with the satisfaction you have of your achievement.

I don’t think it’s like that when it comes to LD’s. I think LD’s depends on how much you really want it, and not only how much you work on it.

If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. It’s a fact of life, nothing good comes easy. We’re lucky enough to have such a potent skill as lucid dreaming at our disposal, and making gains in it may be easy enough, but it’s still no free lunch. I say just experiment until you find something that works for you. And don’t let up until you’re confident that you can afford to do so, otherwise any progress you’ve made recently is likely to just vanish. At least, that has been the case for me.

But I’d say the first step is always to try to increase DR to its maximum before trying any techniques. Then you can sink your fangs into DCs and the dreamworld as often as you want, depending on how often you do WBTB, and that way early practice sessions to hone your control skills will be plentiful.