Malac's 95% LD tech (discussion of)

Don’t eat yellow snow.

Where is Malac with this technique. He is all hot air and jelious of BenDrummin. Come out, Come out wherever you are Malac and show us how great you pretented to be.

Hm, he is PMing it to people that wants to know it, and didn’t insulted him in his topic :razz: I don’t have account on DV and I’m not going to create one right now, so I think I will pass that one :meh:. He said he was doing a test on 16 people.

MuILD - Music Induced Lucid Dream. You are playing a song in your head (you need to remember it very well), and if everything goes well, you will begin dream of -for exaple- riding in a bus, with earphones on , playing a song you’ve been playing in your head, fully lucid.

Seriously? :cool_laugh:

How do you know he is PMing people the technique? I visited the dreamviews message board today, and only found 15+ pages of people complaining, Malac excusing, and the forum administrator getting frustrated. Looks like he’s on very thin ice to me; he better get at least something released, or else everybody who’s heard of him is going to lose all respect for him.

That’s just my two cents.

oh Ben, your awesome

That’s really cool! Have you tried that technique?

Judging by the other posts Malac has made, I’m guessing his “95%” technique is going to be something built off of FILD. If duck would elaborate on that MuILD thing though, I’d be grateful. I’m kind of skeptical on that one.


I found a discussion about that right here
But it’s locked because of the temporary forum. :sad:

I suggest that we all just forget about Malac. It is pretty clear to me that he lost in his slaming of Ben’s awesome Infinity product and he’s just trying to save face with his “great secret”. I’m sure that he will just dissapear into cyberspace soon with his “great technique” and we’ll all be lost without him. Sniff, Sniff.

I knew he wasn’t going to come up with anything, the doofus.
He’s probably gonna release it tomorrow now I’ve said that.


I wish it was true but it is just too far fethced.

Has anyone tried the CILD?(chocolate induced lucid dream)

CILD… sounds interesting… and tasty…

Uh, oh, paradox :frowning: %}

95% of all statistics are made up!

I bet that statistic is made up…

Only joking
Well if you look in dreamviews then you will see that malac has posted his first step. Although it is about motivation and his owned words ‘lame, but not boring’. Well tomorrow he will show the main bulk of the technique or in his words ‘we’re all my Goodies in my bag are’
To balance out the topic I will now write Malac’s technique is stupid. Where have I seen a technique where the only thing you have to do is will yourself to ld.


Just as I thought, Malac’s technique is lame. I’m sure that IF he put’s it on this board it will be with much fanfare because it is the attention he wants. Where can I find his “technique” on dreamviews I have never been there before. I’m sure that if people don’t get results from his technique it will be the dreamers fault and not his.

This is kind of funny. I may be reading into it a little too much, but I see a lot of competition between Ld4all and DreamViews.

This new tech seems to constitute a challenge against BenDrummin that malac put forth when he was one of the few people who didn’t like Infinity.

Now, we have Malac, on Dreamviews, promising an almost perfect technique. Seems funny to me.

His first post about the technique was badly typed, but I think the idea was sound. I’ve seen the same type of thing done before in hypnosis, relaxation exercises, etc, so It’s good. The only problem is deciphering it.

Now, if you’ll stick around, I’ll give you Hatter’s 102% guaranteed technique. Haha, just kidding people, but I seriously think that unless you’re testing hundreds of people, percentages should be avoided.



Only joking, but I noticed it as well.

From another hand, I read first part of his The Puzzle. Motivation. Nothing so new, but a nice thing to start.