Man, I'm bad at WILD and MILD! Any tips on improving?

OK, I know what you’re thinking “You just need practice”, but seriously my sleeping patterns ever since I was a toddler all those years ago has been the same. Not necessarily the time I sleep, but the way I get to sleep. I probably nominate myself under “Highly motivated, takes a long time to get to sleep”, so MILD and WBTB are the best for me, but:

Why I can’t MILD: Focusing my mind on anything other than “nothingness” is annoying, I get distracted easily and so my mind wanders, no matter how hard I try to bring it back on focus. Even when I can keep it focused on aiding my memory, I can’t get to sleep because my brain is working. IT’s hard enough getting to sleep when I’m trying to blank everything out of my mind, let alone actually keeping something in there.

Why I can’t WILD: Sure, you’re probably thinking “if your brain keeps alert so well, why can’t you just WILD?” Well, unfortunately not only does my brain wander, so does my body. I cannot keep physically still in my bed. I tried this morning (5am-ish) for an hour, and all I ended up with was a really sore right arm because the only position that was “immovably comfortable” was apparently not as comfortable as it seemed. I also had a really itchy ear. I move around a lot in bed, don’t think it’s because my bed itself is uncomfortable, I’m just very fidgety.

So seeing as I can’t slow my brain enough for MILD, and I can’t keep still enough to WILD, what should I do. OR, is there are really good way for me to improve either of those skills.

Did you hear about RC? If you are highly motivated, keep trying Reality Checks at least 10 times a day, to make yourself a habbit of checking all the time if it is all a dream or reality. It should work for you

I have similiar problems and just use DILD. I’ll use the MILD-method of telling yourself you’ll have a LD but have to stop after a while so I can acctually fall asleep

I agree with Gonzo here, do some RCs, some autosuggestion before you go to sleep, keep reading stuff about LD as often as you can, and I bet you’ll get lucid soon… :smile:

thanks guys, I shall try that tonight.

Try a herb, or a senative. It numbs or body or makes you really sleepy. Somethin like that, for got what it was. Other than that, RC 's and DJ, and WILD every now and again, might get better.

I’ve tried to use the MILD technique twice but I couldn’t fall asleep and when I tried it again I didn’t get Lucid, but had a very vivid dream.

Well I attempted a WILD again, I’m too fidgety. Whenever a hand or something feels like it’s about to enter SP, it just jumps or something without me forcing it. So my body doesn’t “freeze up”, but I’m very good at keeping alert. I’m thinking of trying MILD again when I’m REALLY tired, like after 5 hours sleep or something. That way I won’t need much to put me down.

I’m a bit out of place in these topics. I don’t intentionally WILD or MILD, it comes to me. Usually when I least expect it and when I haven’t tried anything to get me dreaming. I suggest you read the “Stop trying to dream” topic.

link to the topic?

I did sort of mild a few nights back, I was thinking about being on a beach, and throwing cars around. However I stopped when I couldn’t get to sleep.

That night I dreamt about being on a beach, and a bit on it was that cars needed to get permits or they would be fined, and my uncle went to get us a car permit. So it does work, but I defintely didn’t realise I was dreaming.

yea on that topic…yesterday i was trying to take my afternoon nap with some music on to try to use with WILD. after like an hour i couldnt fall asleep so i shut it off and just went to sleep normally. i dreamt about an orchestra playing music from the same band but a song that i didnt listen to. it was cool…didnt become lucid though. but i see how this works.

nictheman: I have the same problem falling asleep; the mind just never shuts-up. You might want to try some meditation.