Mantras DO work. MILD is very simple.

Mantra’s WILL work if you recite it a few times, and let the thought drift away. For the last 3 days, I said (Well, actually thought, but you get the idea.) “I will wake up at 2:00 AM” And each morning I did! Now, about MILD, you need to be really specific. I’ve never attempted at MILD, but I do know that you need to be specific. One of the days I woke up at 2, It was 2:55. But, it was still 2 AM, right? :happy: So, just some advice for you.

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OMG! that is great!!! haha i don’t think i will lucid Dream cuz i dont think it is meant for me, but school is starting so i will use a mantra to wake up at 5:50 am. :smile: thanks for posting it helps.

I use it with WILD, it helps you concentrate and as soon as I was in my dream, its the first thing i thought about. So yeah, it can be used for loads of things :mrgreen:

Soulconsole, you may want to set an alarm, just in case you don’t wake up at 5:50…

Tonight i’ll try MILD, maybe WILD. And post the results.

Well I did it last night, told myself that i will wake up at 6am. And sure enough… It worked! I just abruptly awoke from my dream.
I got that open ended thing like you Mew, and woke up and 25 minutes past, but i didnt set a specific time as i was only checking the method and was planning on falling back asleep. I guess this is a useful method if you share a room with someone and want to do WBTB without waking them! Tonight i’ll try the specific time, and see if it works, which it should! :tongue:

Ill try the MILD thing tonight, ( Im about to go to sleep, actualy)

Ill say " Im going to wake up at 6:01 AM, then have a lucid dream"

So hopefully, ill fall asleep, have normal dreams, wake up on time, then fall asleep right after and have a LD.

Good job! Yes, the time you wake up does vary. Once, I woke up at 2:05 or so, then I woke up at like, 2:32, and then at 2:55!! The reason I did this, was because when I wake up naturally, I’m not as tired. When i wake up with an alarm, i’m always tired and groggy, even if I’ve slept for a long time.

I love using mantras! They really help me acheive a lucid dream. :content:

For some reason, I wake up about a half hour before my alarm goes off without using a mantra. I guess my SC doesn’t like being startled. :tongue:

… I tried MILD last night, but, failed. I don’t get it, my SC can tell the time, but it can’t make me realize I’m dreaming… :cry:

I second that mantras do work. I did it mentally kinda, i was supposed to wake up by alarm at 5:00 for a WBTB. I woke up at 4:30. Just woke up. Then i did it(unsuccesful) and woke up again before my real alarm for school.

I did this when i was little…It also works the other way,right?(eg:wake up at 1 pm)
This is ownage,because i can use it to avoid stress in the morning:D
Thanks for the idea,guys!

Yeh, did it twice more since last time, and it worked. like last night asked for it to wake me before my alarm, and sure enough it did.

So yehh. :content:

When I try MILD, I think it works, because My DS comes everytime I try MILD. Don’t go lucid though :cry:

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that; but either way I disagree with this statement. Everybody that dreams (which is every person) CAN learn to have LD’s and even have them at will. I will warn you however, that if you start believe that comment you will block yourself from having LD’s. Dreaming is all in the mind and if you don’t think you can have LD’s…forget it.