Maybe this can work for you to induce LD

So I was going through my normal sleeping routine and , everyday when I wake up I don’t 30 minutes of meditation on my bed while laying down(I don’t even move after waking from a dream). When last knight I did it , I became slightly lucid and that’s because I was searching for something. I mean I was doing meditation on my mortality and in this I have to find the meaning of mortality, so because of this my mind was slightly active (but I was not able to control my dreams) and maybe because of this my mind got slightly lucid. I read a technique in someone’s post here about how moving fingers can get you consciously into lucid state(I think it was probably called HILD) and what I explained about my new experience is just like that.

So what I think is ANYTHING that makes you more focused (like for me it was finding the meaning of mortality) can make you lucid, but you have to be sure that what you are thinking about won’t disrupt your sleep. And BTW when I was searching for its meaning in my mind , I was asking myself what is it actually (and I remember a bit about HILD…it was probably Hargart’s induced LDing) so it’s a mix of affirmation and focused intention.

● I also want to talk about something I experienced today, in the dream WHAT I THINK is that probably whatever comes to a person’s mind first he/she will do it in the dreams. Like in the dream I was standing like on a DAM and when I thought ’ what if I jumped in the water ’ and I jumped and then at some point I was talking to a girls and her father comes in, sees a computer open, he want the computer closed but doesn’t want his daughter to close it, so then I think that maybe I should close the computer and my dream self goes to the PC. I remember that I used to close any window in my computer by pressing “ctrl+alt+f4”(probably) but I only remembered “ctrl+alt” so I pressed it and the window close. So probably the first thought that comes to your mind in the dream, your dreams self just does it no matter what. Atleast that’s what I experienced, you can tell me if I’m wrong.

You have a point! What you are describing is the reason why dreams are often so random, seem inconsistent and lack a common thread. Whatever you are currently doing is influencing what’s happening next, the past doesn’t really count. A sort of turbo causality producing amazing chaos. One second you’re watching a show and the next second you assumed the main character and start to act him or her out.

Of course that is very generalized and exaggerated but still well describes many dreams. Take note that this also applies to lucid dreams. Just because you are conscious does not make them consistent by default and it is easy to get dragged away by the plot and follow the dream instead of your own volition. And before you know it the lucid dream turned into a non-lucid one :lol: That experience is part of the journey but if you are aware of it then you are already best equipped to deal with it.