Meditation -- how to learn

I was just wondering… What is the best way to learn about meditation? I am just starting to learn from a book I have but I think it would be much better if I knew somebody who can give me advice. As far as I know I don’t know anyone who is interested. I don’t want to learn a specific type, I want to experience meditation from many different religions and traditions. The book I have is good and covers a wide range, but not in much detail. And a book can’t tell you where you’re going wrong. :alien:

I know there are many people on this forum who do all sorts of stuff to do with meditation, so how did you guys start off??

um, if you went wrong, post it somewhere in the Quest for Lucidity. Jeff will see it. I’m referring everyone to Jeff right now. JEFF!!

Oh, here’s a link to the only kind of meditation I can use. The rest I haven’t discovered yet or is too hard. 61 WHOLE POINTS? You get the idea. … glish.html

This one’s quite easy. I use “Lucid” instead of “Hamsa”.

Hi Fooilsh :smile:
There are indeed many forms of meditation.
They differ because of their goal but also of course share a relationship with eachother and thats consciousness…thats the crossroad where all meditation take place.

What is important, is why you want to do meditation?!
Is it for health, or no stress…to experience chi or ki flow, martial art…being free of your self, to stand in deeper contact with yourself?
That question you first have to answer foolish.

I started long ago just be sitting in nature and do it from instinct.
later i learned how to fall into a trance myself and perfected it by learning about selfhypnosis. then i also started to read about it.
What helped me also was the training from martial art…hsing I and Tai chi chuan. Tai chi meditation. I also learned and experienced there the connection between consciousness and breathing and chi/ki.
From that i also learned about chakra’s and so on.
Now i do zazen meditation also. I can go now from meditation to a lucid dream sometimes straight or into a trance or from a trance into a meditation.

The essense of any meditation is letting go of a fixed awareness!

Letting go, and because of that be in a more pure and deeper contact with yourself. There lies the difference with a trance, in a trance you are letting yourself go but at the same time also focussing awareness…so a trance is a split consciousness thing. Meditation is awareness in its pure form. Because you let go you stop making adds to your consciousness (like thoughts or emotions) or erasing adds from your consciousness…you just let yourself free and just be because you let your consciousness be.
Meditation is where consciousness and awareness become the same and dont dominate eachother but are in harmony as one. As soon as one of the two dominates they are split and one or the other will dominate you.
So i hope you c trance is not a meditation…you can have experiences that fall between trance and meditation though.

OK first you find out why you want to meditate, you can read about several forms of meditation…then start with basic practising.
Your talent also has much to do with what you will experience, as well as your dedication and patience.
Who meditates has to be patient! Because meditation is born out of silense of self lol so every thought or impuls of unpatienceness will block you while you meditate. So to everyone who meditates, be brave in being patience.

Meditation is being silent in your mind that opens the door to the experience of free awareness, clear awareness.
Its true that someone can give you advice but only after you have choosen a meditation direction, a why you do it goes before all that.
After that you can start with a basic practising and reading and good observing what happens inside of you while you do meditation.
In other words be interested or you wont find the patience and dedication (the reward) to keep it going :wink:
the reward is knowing yourself better in time and being more free from your personality.

Martial art meditation is a mix from being empty as well as feel and control inner energy. So its also used for health.
Zazen is the way of inner freedom…looking through consciousness and experience pure awareness from freedom of consciousness.
There is of course yoga meditation…where you have several path…part zazen like part martial art like part trance like.
In most meditation ways breathing takes a important place.
Specially for the beginner who is still conditioned in thinking in stead of just being. Who only is used to experience a very shallow part of his consciousness and calls that him/her self.
Breathing is for the beginner in trance and meditation, for both, important to break through the conditioning of your shallow awareness of a self.
Later you dont need that anymore…while trance always keeps using it a bit when it wants to go into a even deeper trance. With meditation this is not necessary after you have experienced emptyness of mind you can let breathing go…meditation is not about getting deeper its about being in free and full contact with yourself.

A very basic meditation form is just sit on a chair…head neck and pelvis and tale bone in one straight line. Lay your hands with open palms downwards on your upper legs…close your eyes and follow your breathing…slowly in and slowly out. Purpose of this exercise is just to make you feel that when you relax you are in more complete contact with your self and stress leaves you. Also to experience how a calm mind feels like and how breathing makes the experience of body and mind as one.
But this is a really beginners first experience practising.
In fact just to experience relaxation witch is a basic let go experience.

Simply said meditation is being in straight contact with oneself.
Not just with parts of yourself but with the whole of yourself.
That can only be realized from letting go :happy:

I can t help you further till you know 4 yourself why you want to meditate.
What i can say that information about chi/ki about selfhypnosis and chakra’s sure wont hurt because it aids u in helping have a overview of what happens when you meditate as well as how our awareness works.
So a bit looking around will just give you a broader view.
And trying several meditation forms till you find what fits who you are wont hurt either! :wink:

Just a basic story, but sometimes thats what is asked for :wink: