Merging into a VCD files that were ripped from a DVD?

Hi! :smile:

I was wondering… files that have been ripped from a dvd (.r01, .r01, .rar. .swf e.t.c…), how can i merge them into a VCD? If they was .ISO or .AVI it would be simple with Nero. But now…what all these files?? :confused:

Thanks in advance :content:

There are probably free programs out there that do the same thing, .rar files can be extracted with the completely free WinRar. Or get an evaluation copy of Nero, it will last for a short while, but for enough time to do this. :cool:

It seems that i only had to unzip the main .rar file, which automatically merged all the other parts .r0X to a single AVI file. Ok, problem solved! I didn’t know how the split-file-method works that’s why i was a bit confused…

Thanks Siiw for the advices :content:

Ah, and one strange thing: When i selected the “view your posts” option, the icon of this topic was gey not yellow, but Siiw had already replied so shouldn’t it be yellow; :confused:

Maybe she replied between the “View Your Posts”-page loaded and this topic loaded.
…or it is an error :tongue: (happens all the time, noting to worry abut).