Mind giving me some ideas?

For the past few days I been thinking about what to do in a lucid state. Do you guys have any fun or odd ideas for me or stories to share? I’m trying to think up a scenario that includes things from my physical life. Something that I can easily relate to when
I wake up.

I think flying is a very common and awesome one, but reading your “thousands :smile:” under LD count I guess you already did that.

I remember I had a normal dream once where I was in kindergarden or elementary school, and we were on a playground under the ocean, like 50 meters deep, with a beatifull light comming from above. It would really like to be able to explore that place again.
(It was almost daylight, not as dark as it would really be 50 meters down)

Or try this one: you are at school, work, whatever, find an escalator you never noticed before and take it up to the last floor. See where it brings you :wink:

Thanks Ill keep this in mind, For the next week or so I plan on setting up some fun experiences so I need every idea I can get.

Singing and making music in a dream can be really awesome. If you like a different form of art, why not enjoy it in a dream? See what your subconscious can come up with at an exhibition or event. If you are into art or music yourself, you could also recreate it after waking up!