wow those ideas are all so cool! All I’ve done so far is flying and shopping really. I want to try that walking through a mirror thing that everyone talks about, but the problem is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mirror in a dream.

I guess I could make one appear though …

Try going around a corner (or just turning around) and expecting to see a mirror there. I find that works best when you’re not really thinking about it much, otherwise doubt starts to kreep into your mind.

You can find a mirror anywhere you want if you believe it’ll be there.

I’ve always found mirrors very easily in my LD’s. I don’t know why…

I would believe a mirror is easy to find in the nearest bathroom? And if you don’t find one, why not try to go through a normal wall instead? :cool:

mirrors are the worst thing that can show up in a dreame for me :sad: everytime i see one i want to try to go trought it and everytime i do, i close my eays when my head is going troug the glass, and i wakeupp :sad:

Well, basically what do you want to achieve by going through mirror?

If you just want to find yourself in other place, there are other means for that also. For example creating time machine :tongue:

Mirrors are good, but once you do that, might I suggest to go through a TV. It is awesome. Whatever is playing on the TV…is what you end up in if you jump in it. It’s 10 times better than the experience with a mirror.

Little note on both of those…if you’re having a Low level LD…wouldn’t suggest doing either of those. I always find myself trying to go through one, but I just end up bumping my head…heh.

Yeah mirrors are cool :smile: But véry mysterious objects… You never know what to expect when you look into a dream mirror or even when you fly through one.
One goal for me to reach by going through a dream mirror is to find myself back at mirror standing at the Lucid Crossroads. Would be cool :smile: