More vividness = better chances to become lucid?

Is it true that simply increasing the vividness of your dreams makes it easier to become lucid?
I have heard this is one of the reason why you should keep a Dream Journal, since apparently writing down your dreams will make it easier to notice details, and I guess it would be easier to become lucid since you feel more “awake” and active in a vivid dream?

My best comparison to this would be that it is easier to notice things when you are truly awake in real life, while it’s much harder to notice anything when you are still groggy.

Keeping a dream journal isn’t only good for recall, it indeed helps you become more aware of your dream patterns. Specifically, it increases the chance of a DILD. If you notice a pattern or recurring dreamsign, there is a chance that you will recognise it inside a dream and become lucid as a result. I have noticed this effect on myself, especially with some nightmarish themes.

The more clearly you think in a dream, the more “yourself” you are, the higher the chance of a LD is through this. It is also easier to stay lucid in a very vivid dream, at least for me. If you practice MILD, keeping a DJ is also good for keeping lucid dreaming on your mind for a larger part of the day, since it reminds you of the purpose every time you open your DJ.

I haven’t noticed any effect on vividness itself, but the memory of the dreams have been more vivid in average after i started recording them.

Yes, you’re right about that.
I have actually noticed that I tend to dream about a house I used to live in several years ago, probably because I lived there for almost 15 years, which is more than half of my lifetime so far. :razz:
I supposed I could use that as a dreamsign, and train myself to remember to recognize I am dreaming next time I dream about that place.

My closest family also tends to show up a lot in my dreams, so they probably count as a dreamsign as well.