Mortal Kombat Lucidity quest! lol...

This is actually started out as a ND that i was having, and later through the night i realized that i was dreaming and went back 2 it. Mortal Kombat LD’s are cool if you like mortal kombat of course! which i do…anywhos you create yourself as any character known to the mortal Kombat world and you would then automatically possess their powers. Like i was Fujin, and you mortal kombat people may know that he is the god of wind. What was weird was that i was actually fighting real people who would like sign up to fight me and then possess the Kombatants body. but i guess this was just a wild uncontrolled part of the dream. Anyway…I would love to have a match maker muahahahaha!! If you are intrested just post your name, and what character you will be fighting with. Also tell me what you think?? lol :smile:

Ok I’m gonna be Goro, prepare to get wrecked.

I dont know what it’s like in the new mortal kombat games, but Shang Tsung at least used to have his ability to change into any character and use their abilities. That and his own moves which I don’t remember much about except taking the souls should make him the most powerful character. Although, the way you set it up anyone can become any character, so there isn’t much of an advantage there, except perhaps if you must remain in character during the fight. Not changing character would be out of character for ol Shang.

I beleive it would be only fair if you were to stay in character throughout the whole fight.