Okay, I was studying for a stupid exam for World Geography and Siddahartha Guathma (Bhudda) or Confucius said that if you want something really bad, become unattached to it. Or something like that.

I wanted Rock Band really badly. Kinda funny cause I just now got it, but anyway. I wanted it so badly and I ordered it off eBay and it said it was going to get there in like 6 days or something, but it ended up getting here in 3, after I stopped wanting it so badly.

But how does this tie to LDing? I read somewhere else that if you want to keep motivated, stay on track with what you want to do, then gradually do more and more practice of it and you won’t be burned out on it. Or start in a week and anticapate the date.

Both of these say different things which one should you listen to do LD?

I think you have to balance between becoming unattached with something and obsessing over something.

Hopefully this will help someone, and I didn’t just waste my time, and the admin’s time, or your time. :tongue:

Not balance. Variety. if you obsess with something too long (even LD’ing) youll get bored of it. I was so obsessed with LD’s that i eventually just stopped for 1 month for no reaon at all. now that I’m bored of magic tricks, I’m back into LD’ing. if you have a steady stream of things you switch around with, you will be happier all around.

“I believe in myself and I have faith in my surroundings, I believe in balance and in karma, and that keeps me who I am.” - Sean Daley, one of the rappers with insightful lyrics

and get the fuck on aim.

Actually, the rapper Immortal Technique has very insightful lyrics.