Moving to a new server is moving to a new server. I didn’t realise wouldn’t resolve while changing nameservers :neutral:


you can still go to the forum by direcly going to

or use the ip:

in 2-3 days ld4all should resolve like normal.

in the mean time i will install a new version of the forum there and when everything works i will backup everything and move it. When i will do the backup and move, i will lock the forum so no posts will be lost. When everything has been moved the forum will be unlocked again.

I cannot predict the exact date & time this will happen but it will be in the next 3 days.


I had a rather funny experience with this.

I went to to check the forums, and I noticed the website wasn’t working. I was halfway between just assuming they were having a bit of server trouble and becoming a little worried (I didn’t remember the webhosting switch). So, I went to google and typed in ld4all. Funnily enough, the first thing that showed up was “Atheist’s Dream Journal” on the forum. So I clicked on that and, sure enough, it worked.

Atheist, did you know your dream journal represents the website on google? :grin:

Heheheh that’s really funny. I tested that too and indeed Atheist’s journal is 2nd on the list other than (1st one)! That’s really funny!

Congrats Atheist! :wink:

Heh, I had no idea. I wonder if the same can be said for any of the other largish threads from that time period backwards?

Anyway, if I ever lose my bookmarks now I know what to search for on Google to find the forum. :wink:

I had a bit of a shock when did not work, but remembered reading that Pasquale was looking for a new forum. The way I found this link was to type into google ‘pasquale lucid dreams new forum’ and that worked nicely. :content: