Multiple MILDs?

It seems that the only time I can remember my dreams is when I go to bed with the intention of remembering my dreams ( I roll my eyes up to my 3rd eye and say in my head “I will remember my dreams”) my question is, is it ok to put 2 different actions into the chant. For example would it be ok if I said “I will become Lucid tonight AND I will remember my dream”?

The only way to find out is to experiment. I don’t know if affirmations have the same results for everybody. Maybe some people have no problem with MANY different messages while others need to stick with just one. If you do try two, you might consider saying them separately to give your mind two separate and distinct intentions.

It’s weird when I try to combine two messages. First, it’s a little long for me to say in my head (I like simple things better), and second, as I start drifting off, it’s hard to remember what I’m saying, etc.

That should be ok. It is a lot to keep repeating over and over though. Just telling myself that I will remember my dreams was enough for me. However, everyone is different. Let us know how you make out.

Happy Dreaming

Since you know what you mean, would it work if you shortened it to “Get lucid and remeber” ? Or is that too vague?