Murdering DC's

How do you feel about murdering dream characters?

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Mine just won’t die! It’s extremely annoying. Even when guns shoot fine for me, I’ve shot a DC over and over in an FLD and he just would not die. (He was chasing me, okay?) Although I woulda killed plenty of DCs in my target practice today if my gun had worked like it should have. The bullet bounced off another DC’s forehead today too.

Try a punch. I’ve found that I can use my mind to control the forces of my own body.

In my first accidental WILD, I got out of my body into a really blurry dream, and figured I’d expect a demon to appear so that if it did I’d know I was dreaming. It worked, of course, but the demon was far worse than I’d expected and I woke up out of fear.

The next night I had a dream and saw it again, which caused me to become partially lucid. It had developed a personality, and a name (which even made sense, in a really strange way, considering that I had no idea that the name that came to me after waking was actually a word with meaning). A well placed punch disintegrated it, thankfully.

I’m also horrible at punching and slapping. It’s another thing I need to improve that’s difficult for me. I WOULD use things like knives, but I don’t like using them, really. I prefer physically touching them or ranged/magic-like attacks. I just don’t like sharp stuff in general. I especially don’t appreciate it when I get stabbed in dreams. Once a DC threw a hatchet at me and it lodged in my arm.

But I guess I’ll have to see. I only recall one dream where I actually was able to decently beat up a DC. She didn’t die though.

Whenever I try to use a weapon it breaks. Or the knife turns to rubber and just bounces off whatever I was trying to use it on.

I feel horrable when i kill a DC, until i become lucid or wake up :razz:

No one has ever died in any of my dreams.

Except animals. I’ve killed a squirrel, pigeon, and giant spider with my own bare hands in ND’s.

The only DC’s I’ve killed are evil in my LD’s, and even then I usually spare them if possible. I just don’t like the thought of killing something :razz:

i feel …well nothing ! i once killed a DC with mind power.

I have never thought of that, I’ll try it in my next LD. :smile:

Since I know, that it is practically impossible to kill dream characters (especially the evil ones), because they always tend to revive and continue what they were doing, I would suggest simply imprisoning them.
I like to call the police, or arrest them myself. Them put them into an isolated place, so they can’t disturb me anymore.

I once killed Mario and Luigi with firebolts… Yeah I know. I was in a landscape full of big yellow stars and big yellow blocks with question marks and even Koopa was there. And Mario and Luigi were there too, so I thought, let’s try firebolts on them to check if I’m dreaming! And they died…
One of the best moments in my LD history :smile:

I don’t recall ever killing a DC…thanks for the inspiration! >=D

I don’t think I’ve killed anyone either. I’ve said this before in some topic: I feel for my DCs as I feel for NPCs in computer games :smile: I know a lot of people agreed in that topic.

Think I finally managed to kill one this morning! FLD though, sadly. I wasn’t even intending to kill her, but I guess throwing someone headfirst into a driveway after choking them can do that. Pretty sure she died though. :lol:

Depends on my mood in the dream and on the dream itself, sometimes i can kill just by snapping fingers and sometimes no killing method works :razz:

And sometimes when Im assigned to kill a DC I cant