Music in dreams

Whenever I hear music in dreams, whether it’s something I regcognize or something my mind just made up, it’s always amazing in clarity and depth. I assume this is because the sounds are coming from within your own mind (not from outside like regular auditory perception) so they are more pure :cool:

I’m sure many of you can relate :wink:

I don’t even remember hearing music in dreams. :eh:

In one dream I dreamt that I was making breakfast and had a song stuck in my head (not an existing song, and it was just the melody). When I woke up I remembered it for an hour or so, so I thought that I would remember it the rest of the day and stopped thinking about it. Then I forgot :sad:

Hmmm…I don’t remember ever hearing music in dreams…It sounds like it would be great too…Another goal for when I finally get lucid

I remember having two dreams in where I could hear music, and it was like amazing! Perfect melody… but alas I forgot most of it when I woke up arghhh :ack: … but yeah its pretty cool :content:

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Every time I hear music in a dream, I feel a very strong emotion. I don’t think it’s because of the sounds, it’s because music seems to be directly connected with emotions, just like it was their own language. :content:

I often have music in my dreams. I specifically remember one dream, where i am with my class on some bus trip. One of my classmates begins singing this song, or rather 'humm’ing it. He stands up and asks “Has anyone heard [songs name]”, and I know i have, but I don’t say anything. I’m really close to remembering that song, but alas.

There are also some times when songs i recognize play on the radio.

I don’t hear music too often in my dreams. But I do remember once waking up so disappointed because I enjoyed the music so much but didn’t remember how it went.

I make music. I once dreamt a beautifull song.
I tryed to reproduce it as I woke up but it was gone! =( buuuaaa
But you can hear very beautifull music in dreams!

One of my future projects in neurotechnology is to develop a brain-imaging system that allows variables of communication to be read from the lucid dreamer. So by using this system, you could theoretically record music while in dream :wink:

ENORMOUS amounts of practice would be a prerequisite, of course :content:

i herd baby black ballone by the goo goo dolls in my dream while beeing chased by a vampire

along time a go in a dream this guy was playing guitar and singing and it was good

well…I am not shure what you want from this topic.
I think that everyone’s subconcious is talented, but it’s hard to bring something from there to here.

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When i hear music in dreams, it is usually songs from RL, but twice it wasn’t
Those 2 times, it was really really good music. But the funny thing was the people who sang it. I had never seen either of them sing in RL before, but I did interact with those people regularly. One of them was my physics teacher :bored:
I wish i could reproduce it in RL, but then it probably wouldn’t sound as good. I think that dreams make you feel certain ways, even if you wouldn’t feel like that in RL. I have felt more emotions in my dreams than anywhere else. They just enhance everything.

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I hear music in my dream. I remmber one dream where I was hearing some very bueatyfull piano music. Ive notice that If its a song I allready know, if Im listning to it rather then just hearing it I notice its allways diffrent.

Same here, I usually don’t hear new songs. I hear background music most of the time, like elevator and neighbor’s crap.

I only hear music because i have my tv on all night :slight_smile: MTV baby… or vh1. Well it’s actually pretty fun cuz i sing along in my dreams. And i see people singing too, and it’s like… we’re in a car with friends and we all sing but it sounds alot better because it’s actually a produced, cleaned up version and not just anyone spouting out off-key, abrasive tones.

I am a music addict as it is.


haha, sounds fun.

anyway, I hear music in my dreams on rare occasions, all made up though. But I percieve them as the most beautiful melodies ever. I only wish I could remember them in RL so I could judge ithem consciously.

I hear music every so often in my dreams. When lucid I can control what is heard.