Music in dreams

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Every time I hear music in a dream, I feel a very strong emotion. I don’t think it’s because of the sounds, it’s because music seems to be directly connected with emotions, just like it was their own language. :content:

I often have music in my dreams. I specifically remember one dream, where i am with my class on some bus trip. One of my classmates begins singing this song, or rather 'humm’ing it. He stands up and asks “Has anyone heard [songs name]”, and I know i have, but I don’t say anything. I’m really close to remembering that song, but alas.

There are also some times when songs i recognize play on the radio.

I don’t hear music too often in my dreams. But I do remember once waking up so disappointed because I enjoyed the music so much but didn’t remember how it went.

I make music. I once dreamt a beautifull song.
I tryed to reproduce it as I woke up but it was gone! =( buuuaaa
But you can hear very beautifull music in dreams!

One of my future projects in neurotechnology is to develop a brain-imaging system that allows variables of communication to be read from the lucid dreamer. So by using this system, you could theoretically record music while in dream :wink:

ENORMOUS amounts of practice would be a prerequisite, of course :content:

i herd baby black ballone by the goo goo dolls in my dream while beeing chased by a vampire

along time a go in a dream this guy was playing guitar and singing and it was good

well…I am not shure what you want from this topic.
I think that everyone’s subconcious is talented, but it’s hard to bring something from there to here.

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When i hear music in dreams, it is usually songs from RL, but twice it wasn’t
Those 2 times, it was really really good music. But the funny thing was the people who sang it. I had never seen either of them sing in RL before, but I did interact with those people regularly. One of them was my physics teacher :bored:
I wish i could reproduce it in RL, but then it probably wouldn’t sound as good. I think that dreams make you feel certain ways, even if you wouldn’t feel like that in RL. I have felt more emotions in my dreams than anywhere else. They just enhance everything.

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I hear music in my dream. I remmber one dream where I was hearing some very bueatyfull piano music. Ive notice that If its a song I allready know, if Im listning to it rather then just hearing it I notice its allways diffrent.

Same here, I usually don’t hear new songs. I hear background music most of the time, like elevator and neighbor’s crap.

I only hear music because i have my tv on all night :slight_smile: MTV baby… or vh1. Well it’s actually pretty fun cuz i sing along in my dreams. And i see people singing too, and it’s like… we’re in a car with friends and we all sing but it sounds alot better because it’s actually a produced, cleaned up version and not just anyone spouting out off-key, abrasive tones.

I am a music addict as it is.


haha, sounds fun.

anyway, I hear music in my dreams on rare occasions, all made up though. But I percieve them as the most beautiful melodies ever. I only wish I could remember them in RL so I could judge ithem consciously.

I hear music every so often in my dreams. When lucid I can control what is heard.

One time I was dreaming that I was in some huge soccer try-out and there were hundreds upon hundreds of people here from different teams and I started singing the ‘na na, na na na na, na na na hey hey’ song really loud and clapping my hands above my head. Then everybody started looking at me and gradually joining in until everybody there was singing it. It was awesome. But I can’t recall actually hearing music, unless I was playing an instrument…

I once had a ND where my band was playing this really good catchy song. When I woke up I completely forgot how it went. Shortly afterwards I started getting into lucid dreaming and I thought that the song would still be in my subconscious so I put a band practice together in a lucid dream. I managed to gather my entire band, but I just looked down at my guitar and was like, “I don’t know what to play.” :sigh:

I once had a lucid dream where I was watching this exceptionally boring play, so I stood up and started singing “All You Need is Love,” and pretty soon the whole audience weas doing it too. That has to be one of the best lucid moments I’ve ever had. :smile:

I’ve had music in a few dreams. In one the school band was playing a really cool song, which I forgot when I woke up. One of my plans for LDs is to walk up to a random DC and tell them to sing me a song.

Some strange thing happened to me when I was dreaming about music.

Some time I was having a ND. And i was beside the forest and I was listening to a great song. The problem is I have heard this song one or two time im my life but im my dream I was remembering it and IRL I didnt remember this song.

Weird how the subconsious remember more thing then the conscious.