Music Induced Lucid Dreaming?

Is this possible?
Because sometimes I do an activity quite a lot for a while, for example drawing, and at that time I’m listening to a certain artist or album all the time. Eventually I link those; so when I hear the music I immediately think about drawing and when I start drawing I immediately think about the music.
So if you’d link a certain album or artist to lucid dreaming, for example while always listening to it when writing or reading in your journal, or when you are on LD4all :content: , you could get your mind on lucid dreaming anytime.
So if you’d then put it on your ipod or whatever you use and listen to it while falling asleep, or maybe even all through the night wouldn’t that give you a good chance to LD?

im no expert but that sounds like a good plan…

Yeah, that does sound like a good plan for sure. I’ve also noticed song association; I’ve got several songs that I associate with certain moods or activities :razz:
So I suppose if you associated a song with LDing, that could help :happy: