Music to listen to

Hey peoples! That Lucid Induction track worked! I listened to it 5 times in a row (it’s like 12 min.), turned it off and went lucid! :cool_laugh: It was a DILD, but it was dang vivid still. I’m hoping I won’t have to listen to it 5 times everytime to get lucid. I’m gonna experiment a little with that. When I listened to it, I got to the point of being numb, and I think it needed to be turned down a notch, but I didn’t want to move! LOL! So I moved and THEN turned it off. I still got lucid though…but then woke up. :grrr: BTW, does anyone know where I could get the 24 min. one I keep reading about? I got the one called “Alpha”…is the “Beta” the 24 min. one? Thanks!


I have problems sleeping with the warm weather here at the moment but when I play bob marley I sleep good. I had been wondering whether it would have an positive or negative effect.

Mazzy star “Amoung my swan” This has a great winter atmosphere, allso Hope sandovals “Bavarian fruit bread” If you have never heard of them please check them out.

I allso love the Pure moods C.D.s

Listened through Tool’s Lateralus yesterday and it just kept me from falling asleep.

I love this C.D., but i cant find it in stores anywhere, I use to have it, but then I lost it. Listen to the sampales I think youll like it. … c&v=glance

Thom Yorke’s new album, The Eraser, is excellent for this type of thing. If you enjoyed Kid A, you’ll find it pretty solid. Its similar in styles.

Ambient Selections Volume II

Okay, this is going off on a big tangent, but the wiipedia article linked to [by zombie] above says:

… I hadn’t heard of “synaesthesia”, so I followed the wikipedia link to that, which says:

I just thought that was really interesting! I’ve sometimes read people mention seeing sounds or hearing colours in dreams, it’s interesting that this sort of thing can happen (for some people) in waking life too… :eek:

Nobuo Uematsu’s music helps perhaps…

maybe the band lucid would help… :wink:

edit: remy zero were fantastic and are possibly (hopefully) soon to be getting back together.

I’ve been listening to the band Pagan’s Mind a bunch lately and it’s good stuff. It’s Progressive Metal but the keyboards in it are mostly pad-oriented with an almost creamy sound to them. The subject matter meshes very well with LDing. They even have a song called “Dreamscape Lucidity”.

There’s a few songs available for free download on their site and you can find their albums on amazon for not too much.


I guess Tool would work best for me. Especially stuff like Parabol or Schism, The Patient or Reflection…

Oh and We enter by Aphrodite

The album Lateralus by Tool used to make me fall asleep over the day, but when I tried it for a WILD I stayed awake throughout the whole album.

I didn’t have many acoustic/relaxing CDs avaliable to me (unless you call In Flames, Iron Maiden and Lordi relaxing), so I used the Foo Fighters - In Your Honour disc 2 (the acoustic one)

It worked extrememly well. I was gone before the CD ended. While I didn’t go lucid, I felt numb, sometimes felt like I was falling, and had AMAZING dream recall that night. Oddly enough, it was a dream mainly about flying!

I higly recommed that album, though it may not work for you.

Steve Roach. Very nice ambient dreamy themes.

I second that. And third it, as well.

I am not sure if Sigur Ros has mentioned, but I’d be very surprised if it hasn’t been.

Nothing quite like (), or Takk… or any of their stuff, in fact. Brings me almost to tears in waking life…

sounds kind of odd to me.

Odd as opposed to normal, mundane, everyday? Yes, Sigur Ros is odd in the same way that angels and divine beings are odd.

I’m fairly new to these LDing techniques, and after two weeks worth of practicing WILD, I have had 0 LDs. Last night, however, I made a big step I believe toward that goal and the only thing that I did different was to try WILD while listening to music. I chose Steven Halpern’s Chakra Suite. I highly recommend it.

link removed, please don’t link to product vendors

His website, , claims that his music has physiological effects on the body.

Oh, and as I was looking through reviews of Halpern’s other CDs on Amazon, I came across this very interesting critique of an album entitled Sleep Soundly. Not surprisingly, most people described it a magnificent aid in helping one fall asleep, but one reviewer wrote the following:

"I have used a Halpern relaxation tape for years and been happy with it so I tried the Sleep CD when I began having sleep problems. Having used it 3 times and having progressively worse problems from being on edge, agitated, to absolute terrifying nightmares (I woke up unable to move, breath and trying to scream help – finally being able to – four times in two hours!) I not only cannot recommend this CD, I must tell people not to use it until they are sure that it won’t affect them this way.

FYI I do have PTSD and mild anxiety occasionally but this was worse than anything I have ever experienced. On a scale of one to ten, with my normal being one, my reactions to this CD were 12."

link removed, please don’t link to product vendors

Now methinks this reviewer may have experienced hypnopompia; or if not, he/she had a very vivid dream (just what we want), and 4 times at that! I’m going to try and find this CD ASAP.