Music to listen to

I’m fairly new to these LDing techniques, and after two weeks worth of practicing WILD, I have had 0 LDs. Last night, however, I made a big step I believe toward that goal and the only thing that I did different was to try WILD while listening to music. I chose Steven Halpern’s Chakra Suite. I highly recommend it.

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His website, , claims that his music has physiological effects on the body.

Oh, and as I was looking through reviews of Halpern’s other CDs on Amazon, I came across this very interesting critique of an album entitled Sleep Soundly. Not surprisingly, most people described it a magnificent aid in helping one fall asleep, but one reviewer wrote the following:

"I have used a Halpern relaxation tape for years and been happy with it so I tried the Sleep CD when I began having sleep problems. Having used it 3 times and having progressively worse problems from being on edge, agitated, to absolute terrifying nightmares (I woke up unable to move, breath and trying to scream help – finally being able to – four times in two hours!) I not only cannot recommend this CD, I must tell people not to use it until they are sure that it won’t affect them this way.

FYI I do have PTSD and mild anxiety occasionally but this was worse than anything I have ever experienced. On a scale of one to ten, with my normal being one, my reactions to this CD were 12."

link removed, please don’t link to product vendors

Now methinks this reviewer may have experienced hypnopompia; or if not, he/she had a very vivid dream (just what we want), and 4 times at that! I’m going to try and find this CD ASAP.

Shine on you Crazy Diamond parts 1-5 is a really nice song. Very soothing at times, especially the beginning. Though it does get a tad fast and loud about a quarter of the way through.

Another song to check out is “Echoes”. Both songs are by Pink Floyd.

I find Infinite Shore by Steve Roach to be one of my favorite tracks…and Dreamtime Return is an awesome album! It really makes your mind calm down and never gives me headaches :smile:

good music for me to listen to is Shpongle, or pink floyd.

I’m not totally sure if these two artists have been mentioned, sorry and I’m a fool if it has BUT…

Try out Music For Osho Zen Tarot by Osho Musicians and Deja-Blues (clever, huh?) by Steven Halpern. It’s good stuff. Very relaxing for those who need music and I suggest if you’re on the forums you listen to this kind of music so when you listen to it as you go to sleep your mind will ring LUCIDITY. >D

Shphongle is excellent.

Yep yep yep !! Excellent stuff ! :cool_laugh:

The Glosoli clip has the same effect on me everytime. :cry: :smile:

Oh and its the second time in a few days i hear about Steve Roach, is it really that good ? :happy:

Try “The law of miracles” Progressive Electronic, they even have a track called “Lucid Dreams.” Really catchy.

I also like to listen to Kevin Wood Here are links to all of the free downloads: and

Also, for nature sounds like an ocezan or a creek has amacromedia flash that resembles a sound board to listen to. You can try sound recording it. is not only full of AP and OBE information, but there is a great tune playing in the background, sound record that too.

Don’t have a sound recorder? Here is a great freeware sound recorder I use a lot

feel free to PM me if my links don’t work[/url]

personally i would recommend quite monotonic ambient. at least for me it works like a dream. feels like it makes me feel so soft and it just starts to feel like the music is supposed to be there and there’s not much to listen to and it’s repeating the same melodies (so you don’t have to focus on it so much. of course it’s different for evey person) :razz: personally i really like burzum’s third new album’s (filosofem)song called Rundgang um die transzendentale Säule der Singularität

My absolute favorites are
Bjork (best album: “Homogenic”, but they are all fantastic!)
Pink Floyd (best album: “Meddle”, especially the incredible work of art, “Echoes”)

Sigur Ros, (best album: “Takk…”)
Trentemoller (best album: “The Last Resort”)
Aphex Twin (anything except “Come To Daddy”, which scares me)

Actually, I recently heard that Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” was designed to be synchronized with the final scene in “2001: A Space Odyssey”. I am already a huge fan of that movie; it is my favorite and the last scene is great for watching right before bed. But then someone told me about this, so I started the song exactly when the title card in the movie says “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite”. It is really amazing- the sounds in the song correspond with a lot of visions and motions in that scene. The song and the final scene are both 23 minutes, 28 seconds long.

Ever heard of Dredg? Highly recommended. Very dream-like hard rock, and very melodic. Check them out.

Tangerine dream (albums from middle seventies till the middle of eighties ),trance like
psychedelic music without hard bass rythm attack that involves todays trance music,and i think mutch more sophysticated .not that i dont like trance,just that i think that trance is for body and mind,and Tangerine dream is just for the mind.
And some other stuff,like:Klaus Schultze,Ash Ra tempel ,Tomita,
Popol vuh.

I LOOOVE Tangerine Dream. My favorite album is the soundtrack to the 1983 Tom Cruise film “Risky Business”. They did most of the score for the movie, including the main theme (Risky Business) and two tracks called “Love On a Real Train” and “Lana” which became singles. They’re really great to listen to at night.

I like Debussy and Ravel. Very dreamy music.

Hi there. To all of the musicians out there i have found that if you listen to an instrument you play for example with me i cant listen to any cello, opera, saxophone,clarintet and a few othrs however i have found piano VERY effective as well as pan pipes (i play these 2 but they do not have the same effect goodness knows why) oh and i play guitar but that is fine to listen to.
However considering what i have found effective not for LD but for my trance meditations (wich if using the WILD tequnique you need to be in a trane state for hypnagogic imagery to come on) i have found many things effective i like enya, pure moods, some symphoinc music, some piano solos like the pure moods chillout relaxing paino and i have also found brainwave entertainment (if you havent heard of it i recomend a google search it is wery usefull to us dreamers) and i highlly recoment you go to
and download some music of there it can be used in many aspects of you live and not just inducing LDs.

Ashen Light.

It may be odd that I’m comming up with a black-metal band but they made 2 albums that are compositions of keyboards, a guitar, a generally slow drum and bird sounds. (for anyone interested: Slavenskie Vechera and if your feeling up for something heavier, Pesn Velesa)
Very relaxing.

Dargaard is also very good for becomming calm, neo-classical with both male and female vocals, epic, but soothing.

And probably my personal favorite: Puissance.
Neo-Classical Industrial, usually slow, beautiful melodies sometimes accompanied with a voice repeating generic nihilistic statements. But it’s the melody that gives it it’s edge.

I would like to add though that Dargaard and Ashen Light are very unknown, you will need to resort to less than legal ways to attain them.

I “stole” a relaxation CD from the Crowne Plaza a while back. Very peaceful music, and it begins with a progressive muscle exercise program.

anything by Biosphere. Very calm ambient electronica without any beats or drums. Also the Selected ambient works 2 by Aphex Twin.

Not sure if anybody mentioned this, but cocteau twins is optimal for going to sleep. (I can’t promise as to the lucidity of one’s dreams)
It doesn’t have any “real” lyrics so one isn’t focused on interpretting them, it’s melodic, and the words that are in it are inspiring