Musical Dream!

I haven’t been focusing on my dreams very much lately, and as a result I’ve been waking up not remembering a thing. However, a couple days ago I did have a dream, and it was entirely a musical! The song lingered in my head a few seconds after I woke up, but soon afterwards I had forgotten completely how it went and many of the details of the dream. I do remember that it told a story of the struggle between a guy and a girl’s relationship, and the guy had split personalities that interfered between them.

I really love musicals, so I was quite happy when I woke up, even though most of the memory was gone. Now I feel motivated to focus on dreaming again! :happy: So, my question is, has anyone else ever had musicals numbers in their dreams?

I have a few times. I’m in theatre, so I figured that’s why.

I’ve also found the songs difficult to recall, though I’ve caught a few lyrics in my dream journal before.

Yeah, that makes sense. I’m also a theatre kid myself :content:. Our passions seem to show themselves in our dreams!

Would you mind sharing the lyrics? I’m curious as to what they are like.

I’ve had a few musical dreams. My dreams are often heavily influenced by the events of my day. Every time I go see a music (a couple of times each year) I almost always have a musical dream that night!

BinauralBeats, that’s really cool. Do the dreams have anything to do with the musical that you watched?

Yup! i already had musical dreams :wink: like Piano dreams and i also had Famous musics in the background of the dream ^^ That was pretty cool.

That makes sense since you play the piano a lot, right? :content:

Hahaha Yup :smile:

Thata amazing, you little mozarts!

i think i would like to dream of music, sadly i have not, i sing sometimes if that counts, though i can never remember them very well what i was singing