muted colors vs vibrant colors?

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I don’t know how to explain this very well so I will be referencing a picture to help explain.
Normal color = Left side of pic
Muted color = Middle pic
Vibrant color = Right side of pic

I roughly sleep 8 hours, sometimes I will oversleep if my dreams are very detailed and I can’t wake up. Those dreams have me sleeping anywhere from 12-16 hours. I have no idea if the amount of sleep is connected, I don’t think it plays a big part though. For example, last night I slept in a muted color dream and I slept 12 hours. The day prior I dreamt in vibrant colors and slept only 8 hours.

I’ve noticed within the last year or so that most of my dreams are either in muted color or in vibrant color. I’d say a normal colored dream is very rare for me. Maybe like a 5% chance in a year. With muted colored dreams I don’t ever wake up with headaches. However with vibrant colored dreams I ALWAYS wake up with heavy pounding headaches. I have always woken up mid dream, and the type of color never changes mid dream.

Honestly, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I usually dream in normal colours, but occasionally have muted colours or patches of darkness when I’m about to wake up from the lucid (it feels as if the dream is “collapsing”). But I’ve noted that sometimes the equivalent happens with sound, as if voices are muffled, although I can understand the meaning directly (kind of dream telepathy).

My first reaction when I read this is that you might be confusing the cause with the effect. I never heard of such a thing as a dream that makes you sleep longer. Also because it is highly unlikely that you have an uninterrupted REM phase for 4-8 hours. On the other hand is very likely that, sleeping more, you have longer REM phases and more dreams…

I’m sorry about your headaches and I hope you’ll find a way to get better.

My dreams are usually normal colour too.
I seem to remember reading that sleeping too long can result in a headache.

I usually dream in muted colour, or shades of grey.

At a guess, longer sleep means you are sleeping more lightly towards the end, which might affect the content of the dream.

It happened again last night, I’m not actually sure if I’m in rem sleep for that much longer but I remember wanting to wake up mid dream but I couldnt and continued the dream a bit further. I slept 10 hours last night for reference. I was actually thinking about stealing my moms fit bit for a night to see how much rem sleep I’m actually getting :silent:

@Le Bateleur I completely understand what you mean when your talking about the muffled sounds and being able to understand, I also think it’s very similar when there’s different languages (even though I clearly dont know them) and can understand.

@ everyone I appreciate the feedback :smile:

Most of my dreams are in normal colours, but there are exceptions.

Dreams from early in the night can have muted colours. Some are mostly grey, especially from the first sleep cycle. I don’t often remember these dreams, unless it is a nightmare or I have trouble sleeping.

Some very euphoric dreams have had vivid colours. I get most of these towards the end of a short night, usually in the third sleep cycle or later. It isn’t just the colours, all my senses give stronger impressions in these dreams.

Muffled sound is a big problem in dreams where frustration is a theme. For those dreams, I think it is rather a way to express the frustration (I can’t even HEAR!) than a real sensory issue.