My First Ever Lucid Experience!...Advice?

I was sleeping at a friends house, and woke up fairly early in the morning to use the bathroom.

When I got back I drifted into sleep pretty much straight away and dreampt about my old primary school and lots of my friends were standing in a row and I was talking to them when I spotted MYSELF in the row! So I went up to myself and suddenly something in my head “clicked” and I said “I’M DREAMING!!!” …Suddenly I felt as if I stepped out of my body and it was like being in real life just everything was really bright and colourful and I felt extremely light and floaty.

It then dawned on me I was lucid but then I panicked/got really excited and I felt as though I popped out of it and hit the bed.

But all of my body had ‘pins and needles’ and I couldn’t move at all, which I soon realised was sleep paralysis… I could open my eyes but the room around me was very fuzzy and strange images were passing in front of my eyes, and I could hear screaming and laughing which frightened me. Also, out of the corner of my right eye I could see a figure/face which which I could hear breathing in my ear but I didn’t dare look!

I’m so happy that I’ve managed this, or made the first step because I’ve tried WILD for a little while with no progress whatsoever.

However, is the key to not ‘popping’ straight out of a lucid dream simply staying calm? Because I panicked/became really happy that I’d managed to do it and I THINK this is what caused me to come straight out of it…

Also, the images when I had sleep paralysis, is that normal etc? Is there any way of attempting to control/stop them because I was a little scared by them!

Thanks for any help

Hi Hellabelle,
welcome to ld4all :wave:
Yes that is very normal for first LD’s. Keeping calm is one of the best ways to stay in the LD. The best way is to have enough that you get real expeanced at LD’ing. :panic:D:
The images and voices are normal for SP.
Good luck for your next LD, may it be long and fun. :smile:

Good work and everything Don said… If you get sleep paralysis again, try rolling like a log to your side. For some reason, I can roll like that even if nothing else works (though it’s still a little difficult)…

Congratulations with your first LD :smile:
Next time try to focus on the dreamworld. This will help you to stay in your dream. When you feel like you’re loosing control just hold on to your dream. Big change that you won’t wake up. You will be dreamnig the same dream or you’re having an FA. Be aware of that. It works for me. Staying calm is still the best option. But I can understand that you’re exited :content: Focussing on my dream world and looking at details works for me.

Hi, and congrats on your LD! :happy:

I have had a few LDs now, and becoming lucid is still a rush for me. :colgate: So you do not necessarily have to stay calm when you realize you are dreaming, but you should try to stabilize the dream as soon as possible.
Don’t worry, it will become nearly automatic with experience. :smile:

As for SP, don’t worry too much. Just close your eyes and relax, and it will pass (either by you going back to a dream, or by waking up). I think it only is scary if you get sensations from the dreamworld mingled with sensations from RL. This is not likely to happen if you close your eyes and don’t move.

I know the feeling, mate. As soon as you get lucid you think “Oh I’m not going to be here very long, I gotta make the most!!!” I still haven’t had a chance to do this myself, but next time I get lucid I plan to stop and look around, take in my environment. That is my goal. Most times I’ve gotten lucid I’ve straight away thought “OMG WHAT CAN I DO!?” and the over-thinking/excitement/stress causes the dream to fade out. Just look around, take in your environment and of course, if the dream fades, spin/rub your hands to create that element of friction. Good luck, I’m working with you!

When I had my first lucid dream, It was also spontaneouns. I was just in a dream, and the laws of physichs were not being obeyed, so I suddenly realized I was dreaming. SO what did I do? I tried to fly, but kept falling into the ground. But my subconscious is strange, so apperently, I had to grab a butterfly’s legs (it looked like the butterfly from “Lunsesta” Commercials, probably where my subconscious got the idea) and shout “fly” in a language that doesn’t exist, and it was fun at first, but I really wish I could have done better things. Anyway, even though it technically was “lucid,” I wasn’t reasoning clearly, when a bunch of cops (dream characters) were after me, I was dumb enough to think I could be harmed, and when I woke up it the memory of it didn’t feel any more clear than an ND, and It felt exactly like one. Very disappointing. Any way to improve this? Better clarity, or improved reasoning (full lucidity.) And not commands lik “Lucidity x1000” or the such, because I might not be thinking right, or I’ll forget or something. I’m looking for a quick and easy way in RL. :confused:

Congrats on your first Lucid dream. Everything has already been answered by everyone else x.o

trust me when I say your first Lucid Dream will not be the best quality, for example (this is going to be a HORRIBLE example), When the Simpsons first aired, the animation was terrible and inconsistent, no background music, wasn’t really going anywhere, but over time, the animators and groening got into it, and everything became much more well drawn, music fit, they just got the hang of it. anyways, the more LD’s you have, the better each one will be, Since you’ll be used to weird things happening, you can’t just say fly or try to fly without believing anything will happen, Trust me if you believe something will happen 100%, it will. Until then you’ll get mixed results :smile: Hope this helped!