My First Long(ish) LD!!!!!!!!

Well, ages ago I used to really try hard to LD. I had a couple of short ones (about 5 seconds) and after a while I gave up. A few nights ago I had my first decently lengthed LD. All I did was to fly about a bit, and after about 10 minutes it faded into nothing and I woke up, but it was pretty cool. I had a general anethstetic about 8 hours before.

Congrats! :happy:

Do you think this anesthetic may have caused your LD? Does it contain tryptophan or serotonin?

Happy dreaming :smile:


Remember to keep working. :tongue:

Wow, and I only just broke three minutes. Keep up the good work!

I’m not sure what the anethstatic was. I think it was more the fact that I have slept a lot whilst I was in hospital. In 48 hours I was probably asleep for 30+ hours. I had a number of vivid dreams as well as that lucid one. In one dream, a DC taught me how to play the bass line to ‘our time is running out’ by muse. If I was at home I would have tried it on my guitar to see if that was really how it’s played, but by the time I was discharged from hospital I couldn’t remember how I was taught to play it.

Did you notice any differences in your behavior between your short lds and your long one? Did you just remain calm, or have a feeling of “letting yourself go,” or did you have to keep rubbing your hands/spinning? Anything like that? Or do you attribute it more to the anesthetic than anything else?

tip: be thorough in your analysis of this ld. if you find that the only difference between normal dreams and this lucid one is your anesthetic, then you should find out what it contains. if something else was different, then try matching that to the same as when you had your lucid dream. if you have any luck, you might find yourself having long lucid dreams again, just by changing one simple routine.

Congratulations :beer:

Keep practicing and your LD ‘s will get much longer and more vivid.

Good luck