My first Lucid dream and I felt Kinda detatched...

To fix this do I just need to spin and stabilize the dream? I knew I was dreaming but I didn’t feel fully “attached” to my body

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this, was this during a WILD attempt or was it a DILD? There are a number of possible causes, if it’s because the dream is not stable, I would say it might be better to try focusing on the dream. Doing things such as rubbing your hands together or holding some object and feeling it. Spinning can be used to stabilize your dream, but can also have side effects or even cause instability. You can have an FA (which if you recognize it might be a good thing for improving stability), or wake up in real life by using it.

OK thanks, it was a DILD when I became lucid, so yeah, it was weird because I knew that I was dreaming but I didn’t have a firm grip on my body like I would IRL if you know what I mean

Thats normal until you get used to it, exciting isn’t it? =]

One thing, try not to think about yourself laying in bed or you’ll be sucked out of you’re lucid dream :razz: its probably got something to do with your mind can’t handle you conscientiously knowing your in two places at once, so to speak.

Feeling detached is just part of it being a dream, IMO. For me it has never felt like reality… it was always “dream like” (lol).

I don’t think this is always the case. I have had a Lucid Dream that were so vivid it tricked me into thinking I was awake. I didn’t really feel detached, I was myself. I thought briefly about the lucid dream (I thought) I’d woken from, and decided it was a good time to try WILD, so that’s what I did.