My first lucid dream

This dream actually happened in the afternoon during a 1hr nap which surprised me greatly. I didn’t even try any type of technique during it and it seemed to just occur spontaneously. Well here it is:
I was greatly fatigued around 4 in the afternoon because of the extreme heat that normally occurs close to the equator where I reside. So I decided to take a little nap. I decided to use a kind of relaxation technique to aid me in falling asleep quickly. The technique was about breathing into your navel area and imagining it like it was pot shaped when you inhale and imagining the breath as energy going to that area and then dispersing it all through your body. The technique also involved resting your hands over the area with your thumbs meeting over your navel and your middle fingers resting at the bottom of your lungs but not touching. The technique is explained in more detail in exploring lucid dreaming book by stephen laberge.
After falling asleep, I had a dream in which I was at a house that looked a lot like my former home. In the dream, I decided to fall asleep in my bedroom and dreamt that I was in a dystopian future of earth. I can’t remember much from the dream(I’m not that good in dream recall). But I remember myself on some kind of highway with only one lane but two ways. I was driving in a black car over a forest between two cities. The highway was really wide like about 100 meters wide. They were cars coming and going at very fast speedsand driving very recklessly. As I was driving I would suddenly find myself come out of the car and then I would have to run up to catch it to get back in. This went on for a while until when the car shrunk down to a toy size while I teleported out and was still driving on its own. I started to question reality and even more when the car would remain on one spot while still driving. I forced myself into the car and shrank. I decided to perform a reality check in the car and discovered I was dreaming. I then woke up in the room. However, I was still not satisfied whether It was real or not by doing another reality check by pressing my left index finger into my right palm and sure enough, It went through. After I was convinced, I closed my eyes and the surroundings started to morph and and become water like with other worldly materials (seemingly mad of energy) floating up around me. I could tell because even if my eyes were closed, I could still see from a corner in the ceiling of the room allowing me a wide perspective. After a few seconds I began to float with the materials and hear some whispering telling me somethings I didn’t quite understand. I didn’t feel any sort of anxiety of fear because I knew that this all wasn’t real. After some contemplation, I decided to open my eyes and the dream faded and I woke up.
I am still wondering as to how I even had a lucid dream in the afternoon with little effort while I have had none so far at night. Well this is my first lucid dream so far and I look forward to having more. Although short, it was pretty intense I wonder what the whispers were saying. I also wonder what caused the lucid dream in the first place.


Hey @Darkphoenix15

Congratulations on your first LD :cheer:

Lucid dreams during naps are definitely not unheard of. The reason is probably that effective naps are similar to the last phases of a night’s sleep and because of extended REM it’s easier and more likely to become lucid.

Having the first lucid dream without any techniques is also not unheard of :laughing: Techniques increase the chance when applied right, but lucidity is a state of mind, so the most important thing is to cultivate the right mindset and heightened awareness. Doing techniques too much can make them somewhat stale for you and simply relaxing after the lessons have really sunk in is also super efficient.

Doesn’t mean techniques are useless. On the contrary, they can greatly support you becoming lucid. But in the end, they are a tool. They are not the way itself.

Hope you can relish more lucid dreams soon and keep posting about your experiences :smiley:


Thanks Marvin. I’ll try to see if I can get another lucid dream today

I am so excited for you! Sending you high vibes for you to keep going!
I am still trying and thank you for writing about the book you are reading. I will added to my list after I finish 2 others.

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Thanks for your support @eclare12 . That book is really helpful. I highly recommend it for beginners.