My first wild- Kinda

Today marks two weeks of trying to wild dream. I’ve tried it everynight without too much sucess. Usually I get really uncomfortable and wind up shifting around and then falling asleep. These last couple of nights, I’ve has a bad cough so to my dismay I’ve taken some nightquil before going to bed, which usually puts me out pretty fast, however I did notice that it mad me start seeing HI really fast.

Today I had the opurtunity to take a nap after the nightquil had worn off. I was trying to do the 61 points of relaxation, and it seemed to be working a lot better than usual. I would get a huge tingling sensation with everypoint I consentrated on. My mind drifted off, like it always does into abstract thoughts. Somehow I regained awareness of what what was going on, and to my delight I started to feel the vibrations everyone is always talking about. They seemed to start at my waist, and it seemed that I could will them to spread through my whole body. They started getting really intense, I thought I was going to fall into peices or something. After a while the thougt came to me that I should try to roll out of bed. I did so 3 or 4 times, everytime I did I felt like I was falling. Then for some reason I decided to open my eyes. Here is what I could slap myself for- I was sure that I had actually woken up and was not in a dream. Looking back the room was not a lot like mine. I even did some reality checks. I counted my fingers,and they were blury and I couldn’t get a specific number. I told myself that I was haveing trouble with my eyes. I looked at my digital clock and looked back and the time had changed, I told myself the clock was broken. I told myself as much as I wanted this to be a dream it just wasn’t. It seemed too real. The thing I’m surprised about is that I don’t remember the rest of that dream. I can only remember it up to the point that I decided it was a dream. So what do you guys think? Does this qualify as a Wild? apparently in the dream world I loose my ability to reason, anybody have any advice for me on making sure I’m dreaming in a way I’ll belive? Thanks for any help.

You’re doing almost everything right, but seem to have forgotten to prepare yourself to the moment that the RC actually does fail in a dream. Try visualizing yourself doing the RC and it failing and then thinking "I’m dreaming! I’m lucid! I can now do…(whatever ever is on your todo list).

Also don’t forget to visualize that you’re remembering what you want to do in a lucid dream, because if you don’t then you probably end up just only telling everybody in your dream about being lucid and completely forget about the fun stuff like flying.

Thanks this sounds good, I have not tried visualizing what I would do if an RC fails, I will try this!