my idea for becoming lucid (feedback plz)

My idea for becoming lucid is, while lucid, summon a dream character, in my case it would be a friend of mine that died during high school. After summoning him I would say “J. I want you to come to me in every one of my dreams and tell me that I am dreaming.” The intention being that every time I have a ND I see a dead person who tells me I’m dreaming. Seems plausible but I have not become lucid in -months- :cry: and even if I was, I am not advanced enough to summon dream objects/characters by will/voice. The other side to this is, what if the dream character doesn’t follow through?

So what I’m really asking here is for an experienced lucid dreamer to try this technique and tell me how it works for them. :grin:

I do about 30-50 RC’s every day and I think it is actually hurting my progress because I get so used to doing the RC I think if I did one in a dream it would just be null because they are so routine to me. I’m trying LL now to see how that works :neutral: .

Thanks for feedback :smile:

Lucid Living? whoa, that sounds interesting. could somebody explain ths in detal to me? With examples?

Thank you,

There was a giant thread on lucid living, but I don’t know where it is, try searching for it.

As for your idea johnlange, I don’t think it will work because a dream character is really just that, a character. But go on and try it and see for yourself.

How do you perform RCs without expecting them to pass?

Lucid Living as I understand it, is wrapping around yourself a constant state of awareness with the understanding that everything around you is the substance of dreams. Kind of like a constant reality check.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. I try to do about 30 a day, my aim is to do one every time I say something, because I usually say something in my dreams. I always remember to do them after I say them though, not before or during.