My lucidity buster

So far, for all 3 of my lucid dreams, they all ended with me having my eyes closed for longer than a few seconds.

So even if your making out with someone, keep your eyes OPEN.

This should be you> :eek:

I used to wake up when I closed my eyes. It was just a hang up. Try not to worry about it, they’re not real eyelids. That is good to know if the problem persists, because you don’t need to blink in a dream, so keeping your dreameyes open forever is okay. Or make your eyelids invisible.

yeah, one of my earlier dreams I tried to change the scene by closing my eyes then reopening them; needless to say when I opened them I was awake :cry:

On a side note I had my first LD in a while this morning and literally 20 seconds after I became lucid some cat outside my house started screaming and woke me up. :grrr:

Yeah sometimes I can close my eyes and not wake up, but usually it makes me wake up.

Speaking of waking up, sometimes I just get really excited and I really don’t want to wake up, but I do. Is there anyway to prevent waking up early? I heard rubbing your hands and spinning can help, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Yah, I believe you on that. Also this is another reason why dream sex is very hard because most people close their eyes or keep them focused on someone which makes them wake up…
The Luciddator

I just remembered one time when I was fading out, I just tried to picture an object and completely focus on it, and I eventually came back to my LD.