My Lucidity Technique


I reckon I’ve hit on a pretty solid technique for initiating a lucid dream.

Its based on the “look at your hands” reality check. This means that looking at your hands during a dream can often give you the sign you need to realise you’re asleep and then become lucid. Dream-hands are all wavy with maybe six fingers or whatever!

I find that If I spend some time before I go to sleep doing a particular activity, say; working, videogames, lion taming - whatever! Chances are, I’m gonna have a dream about what I was doing before I went to sleep.

The trick is this - do something that involves looking at your hands. Playing guitar works a treat. Spend an hour learning a taxing tune with unusual finger positions and you’re bound to see those flickery dream-fingers when you nod off, realise that they shouldn’t be acting up like that and become lucid. Then just fly away, turn yourself into a manta ray, have conversations with trees, sex on the moon, whatever floats yer boat.

If you dont play guitar just find your own thing; knitting, juggling etc. You can also use this technique in tandem with  other reality checks like the jumping test in conjunction with trampolining or skipping although perhaps they're a bit too high   energy for bedtime.

Anyway dinner’s ready gotta go.
Let me know what you think.

Gooood Luck..........