My method to manipulate DCs

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When I get lucid something I usually do naturally is try and change a DC to another DC. Get your best mate with you, someone famous, maybe a nice lady :happy:

Anyway, trying to actually convert a DC seemed pretty hard for me at first. I would face them, close my eyes and concentrate on who I wanted them to be. When I opened them they would usually still be the same, that or I would wake up :bored:

The other night I made a method which works pretty much every time for me. I dunno if it’s been used before but I will share it anyway:

1) Find the DC you want to change.

2) Stand in front of them and turn around so your back is facing their face. Basically so you can’t see them.

3) Stick your arm out behind you and grab onto their shoulder or head. Remember you have your back to them.

4) Concentrate on who you want to change them to. Think hard!

5) Still holding onto their shoulder or head, start to bend down to the ground onto your knees. Pull the DC down with you as you get lower.

This is where you should start to feel them change. For me as I go down I can feel their body getting smaller than a human but I can’t see it. Sometimes they disappear right into the ground. When I put my arm normal again, stand up and turn around the new DC is there!

Optional (if it doesn’t work): As you reach the ground and can’t go any further, instead of pulling your arm back and standing up just keep your arm on them and raise to normal level again slowly. In doing this you would be pulling the new DC up from the ground with you.

Does anyone have any other easier ways to convert DCs? And were my instructions clear enough? Thanks.

I thought those instructions were very clear. I tried to convert a dog into a human in a LD but it didn’t work out too well. I just commanded them like “Change into so and so” or I just thought about them changing to the person I wanted.
I’ll try this next time.

Hmmm…this is newbie advice, but to me since in LD’s you can do whatever you want, if you practice you can make them change with a snap!:slight_smile:
But otherwise that is a good method! I’ll try it sometime when I actaully get another LD;-)

Yeah, it’s aimed at people who don’t have much control in lucid dreams. When you’re learning, making things happen in a snap ain’t that easy - even with all your will power.

I personally like it because its the only method that works for me, and I love changing DC’s :smile:

If anyone tries it please give some feedback!

Heres a secret that i will let you in on. With this technique you can do anything you want. easliy. I found out this technique natrually. then again i was LDing even before i knew what it was.
1)picture yourself in a painting that is yourself,but understand that the painter who is painting the picture is not someone else its you.
2)this is where most people mis understand. If you the character in the painting(your dream self)try to make something happen you will get little results. due to the fact that your using the paint your made out of to paint something else.
3)the secret is to get you the painter to paint in what you want, not the you in the dream. this is a hard concept for some but this is more of a realization than a technique
4)Once you realize that its the painter that can paint anything then when your in your dream(where time does not exsist) you can simeltaniously create something using your painter self so fast that to your dream self its instintaineously.
Try this concept it is hard to grasp but once done you can do anything at will by using your painter self to create and the dream self to expeirence. :smile: happy creating