My new [successful?] technique!

So I was at a friends house, sleeping over for the night. I started to think about lucid dreaming. I asked myself, “Why don’t we suddenly realize we’re dreaming when the dream starts? This would allow us to be lucid every night.” I mulled over it, and realized that dreams dont just “start”. They evolve from thoughts while going to sleep. You never think, “Hey, this is a semi-evolving thought that may become a dream!” during these moments. I decided that instead of constantly saying “I am dreaming” as you fall asleep, say “I am awake!”. This way, you don’t have to check to see if you’re in a dream, you have to check to see if you’re awake. It sounds pretty similar, but if you think about it, they’re subtly different. I couldn’t prove this to myself, but I had my friend try this, and he ended up having a lucid moment. Anyone else want to try it? Tell me how it goes!

You know, sometimes things like that happens. Not in that form, but something like “What weird things im thinking about ?” or “I think im nearly asleep” falls under same category, i think. But mostly then im… waking up ? Hmm, i’d be better to say that it’s like getting more awake.

Clap clap clap But the point is that your techniqure is… pretty right. Altrough it need some WILD skills of being concentrated by long peroid of time, it seems pretty easy. Im gonna try it tonight, and write results here.

i tried that, it really works, but it works so much that i wake up every time i say it :razz:

Well, i had a LD, but by a DILD. That method propably gave something, dream i recall before DILD was short.

One try is bit too few to say that it works. But there is something in it, i think that small diffence in repeating words makes big diffrence in effect.

Yay! Well, I hope I’ve introduced something that makes lucid dreaming a bit easier. Mabye I should name it. Any ideas?

Wouldn’t this fall under MILD?

You’re telling yourself that you’re asleep, but in reverse. Maybe I don’t understand you and I’m wrong.

As for a name, if it gets its own name, I would say TILD (Thought Induced Lucid Dream)

Yes, paying attention to these thoughts is very very useful. For example- the othernight, I realised that I was thinking about a halfdog-half man and thats…uh…slightly abnormal. :tongue:
If you can hang on to these thoughts and flow through them with a conscious mind (quite hard) then you’re on your way. Its pretty much a sub-technique to WILD.

Hrmmm… many different ways to look at it. You could see it as a WILD or a MILD. Mabye I need to define it a little better. Of course, it could be used either way. (WILD- Listening to your thoughts to keep you awake) (MILD- Noticing when not awake)
Mabye you’d be safe shooting somewhere in between? Try it out and tell me what you think.

Last night I tried your “I’m awake” method :wink:
I woke up at about 5am and immediately went going back to sleep saying to myself “I’m awake”. I stayed councious easily and suddenly after not many time(a few minutes max.) I started feeling lucid.
But I wasn’t in a dream. Everything around me was darkness, but I sure knew I wasn’t in my bed. Now, I don’t know how to explain this feeling… It wasn’t an LD, but I knew I was lucid… :eh:
Could this have been some stage of WILD? I’ve never got past the stage where your body becomes numb…

My sub-consciousness hates me :meh:

Whenever I start thinking these crazy thoughts, a “jolt of electricity” shoots right through me. Then I forget what I thought about. I know that I was thinking about something, but I can’t remember what it was. :sad:

It’s annoying. I think I will try something to get it away, then use your tech :content:

imwhoim01 That sounds what some people have with WILD, or just in the middle of an LD. Ether everything is black, or it goes black. They offten say that they can feel things in the dream world, but can’t see. Some have tried to close their eyes and open them again. That worked for some, others woke up, and for others it caused no change. I have never had that, so I don’t know anything else that you could try.

Theres always spinning to stabilize and make things more realistic, but I digress, theres a forum and topic for everything =P .
I was thinking, and to build on this technique, you can focus on your body and feel it, until the point when it is completely numb, by which stage you could WILD .
What else do you think would work?