My Odd (and first) DILD...what do you think?

I was having a fairly normal dream last night. At some point, I had a false awakening by a dream television and I was still lying in my bed. At this point, I said, well I’m up, so I might as well try a WBTB since I’m going to fall asleep soon anyway. As soon as I tried WBTB, I fell asleep, although nothing had happened, I had just sensed that I had “fallen asleep”. This was the oddest feeling, and I decided that I must have become lucid at that point.

I tried pinching my nose with my fingers, and lo and behold I could breathe. I tried willing the lights on to no avail (in retrospect, I should have gone over and tried the lightswitch, argh). From here, I’m not quite sure what happened. I think I tried to fly and I vaguely remember moving across the room and trying to hover but not getting through the celeing…I then decided to drift back to bed and from here I either had another false awakening and fell back into normal REM or awoke for real and fell back into a normal dream.

WBTB in a dream! How interesting…has anyone had a similar experience or some advice for next time?

Before I go to sleep each night I think of 2 or 3 things I want to try when I become lucid.

I believe this will help me stay more conscious when I become lucid. Extending lucidity and recognizing FAs seems to take practice. I’m still learning.

I performed twice a WILD in a DILD! Of course, I was very happy cause it worked what isn’t the case IRL! Lol! :happy:

I think Asclepius’s advices are very good. Plan something to do in LD’s before you go to sleep. I may just be a lucidity enhancing technique, or something you really want to do. Look at your hands from time to time in your LD’s. It’s a prolonging technique. Perform a RC every time you believe to wake up just after a LD: it may be a FA.

FA recognising is very very useful!
Sometimes you can “wake up” in a dream and get doing things you are used to, and waste your time!

I guess that after getting pratice in FA recognising you can even use it as a LD induction

I have definantly WILDed in a dream before.