My Subconscious is evil!

So i have this thing where i feel that my SC is against my plans to become Lucid
like it figures out ways to ruin how im trying to get control of my dreams

I think because I think this im not being able to have LDs very well
I need to convince myself that my SC is trying to help me

also i think that i have to keep telling myself that my SC is me not some counterpart whos trying to foil my great plans of having LDs

but its pretty hard I dont let myself think that my SC is against me and i try telling myself that but I feel im not fooling anyone especially my SC…

any help?

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Not evil, I think-- just stupid. It’s the little kid who puts belts and shoes in the washing machine because you said, exasperatedly, “Yes, we’re washing all the clothes today-- now stop asking questions!” or runs around clanging pots and pans together while you have a headache because it’s so much fun that s/he just can’t care how you shout or beg or scold. And it never grows up.

I haven’t gotten even close to doing anything I want in an LD because of random obstacles that I do attribute to my SC, but I think it’s more about developing your conscious mind as it stands in the realm of the SC than doing anything to the SC-- that does whatever it’s going to do anyway, and good thing too, or else it wouldn’t be realistic. It would be a thin fake daydream or fantasy, and tedious too because your conscious mind would have to construct every atom. I like LD’s because of how they surprise me with the details filled in so effortlessly.

I think… that our SC’s are children who dislike change. The lucid, conscious mind that intrudes is like a new neighborhood, a new baby sibling, or a presumptuous step-parent. Other people’s SC’s seem to take to lucidity easy-- with appropriate excitement, encouragement, or respect for this new mindset that turns into warmth. We, on the other hand, just have to practice a little more-- to adjust, to recognize when and why the SC’s acting out, and earn our place in the night-time mindset.

Your SC is not some entity living on a far away island.
Your SC is you.
Try reading your post whilst replacing SC with I/self/whatever…
What’s keeping you back is the illusion that for some reason, your SC is giving you a hard time when in fact, you are what your SC contains and you always have and always will have complete control over it.
Let go of the past. Totally.
Wake up tomorrow to a new day, remember, know the place of your SC and give it clear, direct commands, there is no way at all, for the SC to refuse to a well directed command.
It is simply not possible.
hope this helps

thanks that does sound like it will work
Thanks guys all tour posts helped me alot

Complete agreement, especially with the bolded part. Your subconscious is just a part of you; it doesn’t have a will or a vendetta. When you personify your subconsious saying that “it” doesn’t want you to have LD’s your probably not helping anyone. When you say the above what you’re communicating to me or whoever is that the confidence/beleif isn’t there; I know that it’s hard to suddenly have that belief that you can LD at will but that is the mindset you need to try and cultivate.

ok sounds good