My voice in LDs...

In one LD I tried to sing, but somehow it didn’t work.
I can speak normally in dreams, but when I try to sing something stops me. There doesn’t come any sound, simply.
The same thing when I tried to howl (this was when I tried to transform myself into a wolf). I loose my breath, and it doesn’t just sound “right”. :sad:
First time I tried this it felt like if I tried to sing, the song would be heard in RL. Like sleeptalking.
When I tried to howl I decided not to care if I also howled for real, but it still didn’t work.
I have never been talking in my sleep, nor sleepwalking. So where did this idea my Sub-C had about my singing come from?
And it’s not like I don’t sing IRL, I do that a lot. Why doesn’t it work? :confused:

Hello Lanina the Angry Farmer :smile:.

If you want to sing in a LD you don’t need to use your dream-mouth and throat. In stead, just imagine what you would like to sing and how it sounds, and let it flow from your imagination. This way you can’t only sing, but also create whole orchestra’s etc. I have examples of LD’s and ND’s in which I composed the most wonderful pieces of music (or so it looked) all in my head, and I was annoyed after wake up that I could not record it in some way :razz:

I wish there was a way to record (at the very least)music in dreams. I’ve heard some pretty cool songs in my LD’s :cool:.

Anyways, Lanina those cases seem to just be one offs. Try again next LD - and don’t worry about past failures - just do it and you’ll be able to do :wink:.

It’s possible to use your mouth. When I speak loud in a dream, I’ve a very strange voice (like the Voice in Dune).
And I suppose that Siiw uses his mouth too when she sings. She said she sings very well in LD’s, so I tried once to sing… but it was awful! :sad:

I remember a ND in which I heard a nice song I had never heard before. Then I forgot it when I woke up. :sad:

But I will try singing again, because after all…why shouldn’t it work? I mostly wonder why it felt like my real mouth moved…

I heard a really grat song once in a dream. I even wrote the lyrics down somewhere when i woke up, but i remember reading them back to myself and noticing that they didn’t make sense, no matter what context you put them into. I forgot 'em now…