Mysterious T.V. channale?

Has anyone ever heard of a T.V. channel, that no one knows where the signal is coming from. I can vaguly remmber hearing something about it, and I was just wondering if its true. Its suppose to be like strange images, and sounds? No one can find the sorce.

have you seen White Noise
(cause i havent)

lol. The movie wasn’t great. It’s like they developed all the special effects and then just threw the story line in later. It didn’t make any sense and the effects weren’t even very good, so w/e. :neutral: I’m sure there are those urban legends about this mysterious channel out there, but I doubt their authenticity.

I’m not an expert of radio or TV broadcasting, but I pretty sure normal TV operates over RF waves. And I am also pretty sure that these broadcast signals come from antennas and the signal is disbursed in a radial pattern. I’m also pretty sure that the further one is from the source, the weaker the signal gets.

So then I am also pretty sure that with the proper gear to measure the signal strength, and a basic understanding of mathematics and geometry, that it would not be too difficult to locate the source of a TV signal.

The above would be for normal broadcast TV over the public airwaves.

If you’re talking about a cable station, I really have no idea how that all works, but I would guess that there is either something built into the system or some natural component of it that would make tracing the source of a cable station doable if it needed to be done. I only guess that it is doable because you don’t really hear anything about pirate cable TV stations. If the system was such that it could be easily tapped into to broadcast a signal without being traced, I would think that there would be at least a couple pirate stations operating in all or most major markets. But there aren’t.

If you mean a satellite station, well first I think you’d have to hack into one of the carriers satellites or satellite system (directTV, dish, etc). And since we are talking about a global satellite system, I think it has GPS built into it, and if so, I think it would be pretty easy then to trace the location of the hacker and uplink through GPS. I dunno if the satellite carriers use GPS or not, but even if not, still I think you could trace the location of an unauthorized signal through the uplink.

So while I think a pirate station broadcasting weird images and sounds is possible, I don’t think it could go on for any extended time without the source being traced, on any of the 3 major TV broadcasting platforms.

Again I know little of how TV broadcasting - on any of the platforms - works, and these conclusions are based on my own rationalizations.

There’s a bunch of weird crap on air. I’ve never heard of any mysterious ghost/ham/pirate TV stations though. Radio is where it’s at :wink: From NATO phonetic alphabet broadcasts and Air traffic communications to pirate radio and mysterious “numbers stations” that are most likely a part of international espionage. Get Your reciever and tune in…

About that TV thing - is there any chance that You have seen the Japanese movie “Ring” (or its American remake etc.) somewhen in the past? :tongue:

Anyway, the best way to find out what’s out there, is to see for Yourself.

Hey. I know exactly what you were seeing. Porn movies that you didn’t pay for. Maybe I could ask my dad about this. He has worked for the cable company for twenty years now. Don’t think I will ask him though, I doubt there is really anything strange behind this. Strange things have happened on television when it comes to local feeds somehow crossing with a cable feed. There has been a couple times where somehow porno got onto Cartoon Network because a local feed disrupted it. But when something like that happens, its usually very isolated.