name change help!

well im thinking about completely changing my username,avatar and all but do you think i should? :confused:

I don’t know, that’s up to you, i toyed with changing my name to P-90-X, but in the end trashed the idea, i though it might create a stigma.

It really is up to you, if you do do it i say do it gradualy, first the name then the avatar, so that people know it is you, if you change all at once a lot of people will get confused.

yea ur right but then the avi wont match my username :tongue:

It’s up to you.

Use whatever nickname suits you best.
If you like your current nick, then fine, use it.

We can only give you a few advices.

Well, I prefer unique nicknames.
The ones that no one else uses.

I’ve never heard anyone use my nickname.
It’s like your identity on the internet.

I’m pretty sure that Scarface is a common nickname.I’ve seen it before.

EDIT: by the way, you were 14 a few days ago.
Now you’re 16.How come?

EDIT: by the way, you were 14 a few days ago.
Now you’re 16.How come?

no i was 15 and do you think sublime would do as a name

You can change it if you want, I personally don’t like to have the same thing for a long time.

I personally like your avatar and your name :wink:, but it’s still up to you :thumbs:

well its what i started with so i guess ill keep it. there may be many other scarfaces but im the one thats on LD4all :wink:

Well, as I said…it’s up to you.
You decide.

And btw, happy birthday :tongue:

You don’t need to do it gradually, just put big text saying “I am scarface, changed my nick” or similar into your signature and keep it there until people get used to your new name…

Isn’t 16 a bit too early for an identity crisis? :tongue:

Seriously though, nicknames are just that - nicknames. I’ve changed mine several times over, it doesn’t really matter. But if you feel like changing your nickname to something else, by all means - go ahead. Then again - if you have to ask us… why bother at all?

I think Scarface is a pretty cool guy, eh changes nicks and doesn’t afraid of anything :content:

do you like star wars?

we could make a jedi council… you could be Master Thon… or maybe Plo Koon?

oooh how about master scarface?

change your ava to make that gun a lightsaber and i think your on to something!!

how would i do that?

ms paint lol. or if you have i like that program alot. then just upload it to photobucket or something

or do it the same way you got that one, beg Downloa :tongue: d

hah yea i should huh *scarface starts waking toward the avatar wish thread

Decided to change it back huh? You know when i first came here my name was DeMoN… that was a while ago

idk it just looks different to me and it looks wierd to me for some reason

I suggest playing a bit with the idea and actually writing down some ideas before changing the username, so you can do it only once and be satisfied.