ND Challenge #1

Yeah, it still counts. The new challenge only starts today. :content:

I’m gunna wait until tomorrow afternoon to post the scores, since some more peoples will probably vote. Ok?

UNfortunatly I can not continue with this dream challange thing. Life has become rather chaotic and my attention is needed elsewhere for the next few weeks/months?! Good luck everyone…, I think the challange is a great idea and it was nice to read your dreams!

Woohoo! A long LD with music!
When is the deadline for this one?

Aww, well I hope you can get stuff sorted out then. Thanks, and good luck to you as well.

On the challenge, I remembered one nice long dream from last night with rain in it, no Minecraft either! I’ll probably get it written up soon.

Aww, ok. It was nice reading your dreams. Maybe next time. :content: Thanks for participating while you could.

I had 1 nicely sized and detailed ND last night, probably more but my baby brothers would not stop screaming!

EDIT: Make that 2 dreams, while writing down the first I remembered an earlier dream. yay :grin:

Music dream found here :cool_raz:

one dream for today…
I think im sort of stressed because of many things at the moment, do you know that; having no real motivation to do some autosuggestion etc before going to bed? :neutral:

One dream for Monday. It’s the previous superhero incubation :smile:

Kitty’s Superhero

Scores. :cool:

Carnun…200~~~ Unfortunately has had to resign form participating in this challenge. :sad:
There are still some votes to be cast so I’ll keep y’all updated. :wink:

Had another long dream last night. I do remember music, but only when I woke up, meaning it could’ve been created in a dream and I only remember that song now. Not to mention it was a song I’ve never heard before. What do you think?

I had a ridiculous dream where I would realize something was off and say “This can’t be real! I’m dreaming!” (or equivalent) and immediately have a FA and continue on in another but similar dream world. This happened 4 times before the final time I realized I didn’t say anything out loud.
The result: I fell to the ground in paralysis and the dream faded except for one character, and I stayed there trying to move (knowing it was resultant of SP) with that DC poking me for about 5 minutes.

Oh yeah and music seeped in twice.

I have NO clue how to count that. 5 different dreams that all ended when I got lucid (so a bunch of .5LD’s? One dream that I got lucid several times? or just insanity.
(Side note, I never get FA’s, especially not more than one)

[EDIT]Denied Lucidity

No music this time, but instead trains, malls and bombs :tongue:

Mind if I hop on the bandwagon? :content: Here’s my DJ.

Wow, just wow. Um, let’s just count it as 5 LDs since each was a separate instance/dream in which you realized that you were dreaming. If nothing else we can count it as bonus points for your torture. :tongue:

I have a predicament. It is about your Personal Goal. Do you feel that you have completed it, as in purposely dreamed about a train station, or not? If so, I’ll add it to your points and you can choose a different goal, if not then…nevermind…

Welcome aboard. :content:
Sorry for the confusion earlier. :shy:
I will go on and give you points for the dreams that you have recorded during the Challenge period already. :wink:
Do you have anything you would like to try to dream about as your personal goal?

EDIT: Oh, and I’ve decided that if you complete a goal that was posted on a sunday on a wednesday night it will still count for a full 30 points instead of the past goal points (20). This is because the week has an odd number of days making it so that the first goal of the week has only 3 days to complete and the latter has 4.
I’m just digging myself a hole with all these rule tweaks aren’t I. haha :razz:

dreamt about going to the disco yesterday. --> music :grin:

Bad that my notes cover only the middle part of the dream, I feel that it was longer :sad:
Another good thing: I think I will have more time and motivation to write my dreams after Thursday.

Scores. New goal tomorrow, current one still gets full points tomorrow night as explained above.

hunaynay…20…New participant :happy:

3 dreams for Tuesday. no music … but i did give them all music titles :rofl:

Gold … Poison … Shopping

Well, all I remember from my dreams last night is what I wrote, Minecraft. There was another song in my head when I woke up too.

Well, I’ll be visiting my Gram’s until Friday. I’m still going to be recording my dreams, but I won’t be able to keep everything updated on here. I was thinking that if you had the next incubation challenge ready you could pm it to me before I go, but we’re leaving pretty much right now. Good luck to everyone while I’m gone! :smile:

Sorry everyone. I was able to sleep in today so I did. :shy:
Next goal:
Planet Discovery

Go to a distant planet, create your own, talk with aliens, fight them, just dream about a planet other than our own or about being in space in general. :smile:

Oh, and don’t forget to vote. :content: (even though I kinda forgot about it myself… :shy: )