ND Challenge #1

Well, all I remember from my dreams last night is what I wrote, Minecraft. There was another song in my head when I woke up too.

Well, I’ll be visiting my Gram’s until Friday. I’m still going to be recording my dreams, but I won’t be able to keep everything updated on here. I was thinking that if you had the next incubation challenge ready you could pm it to me before I go, but we’re leaving pretty much right now. Good luck to everyone while I’m gone! :smile:

Sorry everyone. I was able to sleep in today so I did. :shy:
Next goal:
Planet Discovery

Go to a distant planet, create your own, talk with aliens, fight them, just dream about a planet other than our own or about being in space in general. :smile:

Oh, and don’t forget to vote. :content: (even though I kinda forgot about it myself… :shy: )

The train station is a certain train station, of which I dont want to mention the station in name :tongue: /me remembers a dream from today involving trams etc.

Ok, got it. Just let me know if you accomplish it :content:

Oh, and I had 4 dreams last night. Pretty high level of detail.

no dreams (stupid school essay D: )

Spaaaace! Augh! This goal’s showed up many times, and I really really want to do it, but haven’t been able to yet! D: focuses



I have four NDs and an LD from last night, but I’m going to be late for school, so I’ll have to post them in the afternoon.

In the LD, I was flying around, and we (me and two DCs) /just/ got into space when my alarm went off. :grrr: :grrr: No planet discovery for us. :cry:

EDIT: Ohhh I totally forgot a personal goal! Mine is to meet my characters in a dream.

One ND yesterday and one for today :wolfbite:

edit: sorry, two for today :tongue:

I posted the four NDs Here. I’ll post the LD shortly.

EDIT: Oh, as well as my LD having a smidge of space, the ND part of my LD involved music. :tongue:

Only one dream last night (barely got any sleep), about sliding in my car. I think my SC is telling me I need to replace my tires (which are actually getting pretty worn out…)

[EDIT]But I LIKE Sliding



Five NDs to report, but none that complete a challenge. They are Here

Still here :spinning: just no recall

Well, I’m back a bit earlier than I expected so I have some type write my dreams up on here, not that there’s much to write.Wednesday night, all I put in the DJ was “A song,” in really crappy writing and for Thursday I remembered a dream fragment with a lot of rain in the scene.

Had a couple ND’s, nothing too special though.
In a game of man hunt, I found a doorway to my own mind. That made the best hiding spot (and the biggest missed dream sign). And another that I slept over a work to see a concert with a bunch of coworkers.

[EDIT]Symphony X At Work and Hey, I’ve Found My Mind!

[EDIT]FINALLY caught up again!

Scores: (sorry they’re kinda late again)

Mugiwara…390 [/spoiler]

Just one dream for Saturday.

I’ve got another four NDs to write down, but I have another busy day. I’ll edit this post when I update my DJ.


One dream to record for today, dramatic background music included and now that I think of it, it had what I described as an alien in it. I know that there was another dream, but I couldn’t recall it.