ND Challenge #1

I posted the four NDs Here. I’ll post the LD shortly.

EDIT: Oh, as well as my LD having a smidge of space, the ND part of my LD involved music. :tongue:

Only one dream last night (barely got any sleep), about sliding in my car. I think my SC is telling me I need to replace my tires (which are actually getting pretty worn out…)

[EDIT]But I LIKE Sliding



Five NDs to report, but none that complete a challenge. They are Here

Still here :spinning: just no recall

Well, I’m back a bit earlier than I expected so I have some type write my dreams up on here, not that there’s much to write.Wednesday night, all I put in the DJ was “A song,” in really crappy writing and for Thursday I remembered a dream fragment with a lot of rain in the scene.

Had a couple ND’s, nothing too special though.
In a game of man hunt, I found a doorway to my own mind. That made the best hiding spot (and the biggest missed dream sign). And another that I slept over a work to see a concert with a bunch of coworkers.

[EDIT]Symphony X At Work and Hey, I’ve Found My Mind!

[EDIT]FINALLY caught up again!

Scores: (sorry they’re kinda late again)

Mugiwara…390 [/spoiler]

Just one dream for Saturday.

I’ve got another four NDs to write down, but I have another busy day. I’ll edit this post when I update my DJ.


One dream to record for today, dramatic background music included and now that I think of it, it had what I described as an alien in it. I know that there was another dream, but I couldn’t recall it.

I had a ND about a grey ATM machined, it was my friends cash card and account, I saw all details but i knew all these anyways so nothing too exciting… was odd thou why i would dream of this, only other thing i noticed bout it was that around the dream itself, the ATM machine etc, and seeing her account balance was a black foggy unsymmetrical border?? hmmmm x

Bad night equals no dream recall … unless the dream was about having a bad night :tongue:

:wave: hey Stormrush, this is a topic for a dream incubation challenge over a number of weeks. You may want to follow it for a while and take part next time :content:

Oops sorry, I always get things in the wrong places My Bad !!

I’d like to follow, sure… Thanks !x

Busy again today, will update DJ later. Two NDs, the first involved music and the second involved water. I tried to turn my brother into a super hero and I beat up a Big Baddie in the second one too.

EDIT: The dreams are up! Cliiiiik

Ok, The next Goal is…
A Hostage Situation
Be it that you have captured one of your enemies or they one of you, just dream of what happens and let us know.
You can check out my DJ for one like this, I had it when I was thinking of using a hostage situation for a goal

And Scores for yesterday:


If you would like to join that would be cool with me. There are probably about 2 weeks left that you could participate in. :content:

I would love to Thanks… Just reading on how :smile:

I have to drop out, family trouble and stuff, I can’t concentrate on dreaming right now :sad:. I wish you good luck with your dreams!

2 dreams;
Had a ND of work last night, and another about having a little too much fun with a female friend of mine…and then having to defend her from 2 rather vicious zombies. A third of which impaled me through the chest with a huge metal splint. The fact that I kept fighting scared the heck out of them though. (Wait…that means zombies fear me? COOL)

I see if I can get them typed up now before my lunch break ends.

:hugs: good luck Mugiwara

[edit]Work…Boring and Zombie Fear Me

Had a long dream where I was in a city and then in space, kinda like Super Mario Galaxy. Sadly, I only remember fragments of the dream. There was another, short dream that I once remembered, but I fell asleep. I didn’t write it down though because it was apparently boring and I was frustrated that I didn’t remember the adventure dream. XP

I have school starting again tomorrow, so I’ll be a bit busier. Should still have time for the challenge though.