ND Challenge #1

I have to drop out, family trouble and stuff, I can’t concentrate on dreaming right now :sad:. I wish you good luck with your dreams!

2 dreams;
Had a ND of work last night, and another about having a little too much fun with a female friend of mine…and then having to defend her from 2 rather vicious zombies. A third of which impaled me through the chest with a huge metal splint. The fact that I kept fighting scared the heck out of them though. (Wait…that means zombies fear me? COOL)

I see if I can get them typed up now before my lunch break ends.

:hugs: good luck Mugiwara

[edit]Work…Boring and Zombie Fear Me

Had a long dream where I was in a city and then in space, kinda like Super Mario Galaxy. Sadly, I only remember fragments of the dream. There was another, short dream that I once remembered, but I fell asleep. I didn’t write it down though because it was apparently boring and I was frustrated that I didn’t remember the adventure dream. XP

I have school starting again tomorrow, so I’ll be a bit busier. Should still have time for the challenge though.


Mugiwara…390 unfortunately has had to resign, good luck
Stormrush…if you have a DJ post it and I’ll see how many dreams you’ve had since it started and add up your score.[/spoiler]
Oh, and I forgot to say to vote this morning so you can do that whenever.

3 dreams for Monday. link

All ND’s lately, no goals gotten.

No recall for today.

I only remembered one ND. Didn’t get the chance to write/remember the others before they were forgotten. :sad: No goals. But I did get to star in a popular youtube video with Nigahiga. :ebil:



I’m just posting it now, not a very exciting dream because i only remember the end, but @ the end of it i recall saying out loud OMG IM DREAMING…( which i have never had!), then i woke up GRRR (fa), then i woke up for School but nothing in there at all in between of a drea Weird huh??

1 word


Three NDs that I remember, but I’m only posting one in my DJ. (The first one was just walking around and around in the rain, nothing really noteworthy, although it was raining so it’s water. :tongue: The second one had some substance abuse I probably shouldn’t post on LD4all.) The one I’m posting also involved a lot of water!

Olmec Ruins in Key West!

This water challenge is definitely my easiest one. :eh:

One ND for today…

No recall again today. :sad: It feels like the dream’s there in my mind, but just out of my grasp, you know? It’s terrible. >_<

had a bad day (with eye), so haven’t been able to post up Tuesday’s dreams yet. But I did scribble them down when I first woke up.
Hope to do it tomorrow … together with some late voting

Four NDs. I’m only posting one, eventually.

New Goal: Dream Journal
Try to see your dream journal in your dreams. Try to read it. What does it say? Maybe whenever you see it do an RC and get lucid.

Yesterdays scores: 10/5/10
You can vote again today if you want to.


I had 2 dreams today. Gah! I’m getting a bit behind on typing them up, for no reason.

This challenge should be awesome. :grin:

2 dreams; one that it was snowing and another about my “Dream Lord side” that was interesting…
The Dream Lord dream included my dream altar (which had my DJ on it), but there was nothing more to the DJ than it just being there. The Dream Girl was there also, but I don’t think I caught her name…

[EDIT]Snow? In October? Not In Maine? and Dream Lord

ooo nice new goal!

Tuesday - 2 dreams (won’t count the fragment)

Wednesday - 3 dreams including an hostage one

Not much to recall, just a puny fragment with something to do with an office. The new challenge sounds pretty interesting, it should be fun if I can manage it. :tongue: