ND Challenge #1

2 dreams; one that it was snowing and another about my “Dream Lord side” that was interesting…
The Dream Lord dream included my dream altar (which had my DJ on it), but there was nothing more to the DJ than it just being there. The Dream Girl was there also, but I don’t think I caught her name…

[EDIT]Snow? In October? Not In Maine? and Dream Lord

ooo nice new goal!

Tuesday - 2 dreams (won’t count the fragment)

Wednesday - 3 dreams including an hostage one

Not much to recall, just a puny fragment with something to do with an office. The new challenge sounds pretty interesting, it should be fun if I can manage it. :tongue:



Two NDs last night. No goals.

One ND last night.

Goal sounds good!

Two NDs last night. I was in a spaceship in one, but no space or aliens. :tongue:

Three NDs last night. No goals. Again. :bored:

One fragment today. I should get my DJ updated sometime today, granted I don’t get lazy.

One ND again. I died in the dream and then explored what was beyond death…
Well, it wasn’t anything special. just a building with some people in it :smile:

Sorry somehow i totally forgot to post the scores yesterday, I’ll do it tonight.
I had 1 dream last night, it was so random though I can’t make any sense of it at all.

Scores today, and yesterday.


Oh, and I will be out of town tomorrow and sunday morning, so the scores and the next goal will probably be posted sunday afternoon.

Three NDs. Hopefully I’ll stop being lazy and post something from the past three nights >.<

One short dream and two fragments. One of the fragments was even longer than the full dream, so it wasn’t exactly long. :tongue:

I have 2 free Weeks now; the next week I will be traveling and can´t post here.
But because I keep my written DJ with me, I am going to post everything when I am back :smile:

Happy dreaming so far!

Had some more ND s last night. I’m definitely not posting these :wink: (I’m not exactly sure what a chain is… so I either had 3 NDs or one ND plus two NDs that were part of a chain.)

Two normal dreams and one fragment today, a bit more interesting than usual, but not written very well. XP I might just edit it up a bit before typing it up.

Goal: Underground Exploration
Try to dream of tunnels, caves, anything to do with being under the earth.

By the way, this is the final week in the challenge. There will be one more goal on wednesday along with voting, and then a final vote on sunday. I will post the final scores shortly thereafter.


A chain is basically when you wake up from a dream and attempt to re-enter that dream. Here is a guide. :content:

:smile: Here’s my latest. All ND’s.

One ND, then an FA that lead to a 5 second LD. Don’t believe I achieved any goals, just went trekking through the woods to go skiing or something.