ND Challenge #1

I’m back … had one dream the day I went into hospital and two while there. I will get them typed up shortly.

Glad you’re OK, moogle

Had another dream last night about cars. (ND) Actually, strangely enough, in the dream, my sister’s car rear ended another car because it wouldn’t brake in time. When I woke up I saw an email from my dad saying my sister had rear ended someone yesterday because the brake pedal got stuck.
I guess its not QUITE precog since it likely happened before I dreamt it, but I definitely dreamt it before I knew about it.

Will be posted soon…I hope. >.<

I’ve had 3 NDs over the past 2 nights. My sleep cycle has been atrocious.


dreams for last week

Friday October 8 … 3 normal dreams
Wednesday October 13 … 1 weird dream :lol:
Thursday October 14 … 1 dream
Friday October 15 … 1 dream

Hi All…

@ Dreamjutsu----lol it’s ok, I have not been around much anyhoo at the moment… so just restocking haha!! I had my first LD, do i get points hahahaaa !!! oh and i flew in it lmao…

Weds 13th Oct. LD I flew… I had a wieeeeeeerd and scary 1, hope i odn’t hav eit again. I want my LD’s to be nice !

Thurs 14th Oct… Too rudey BUT before I do recall being held hostage by an old school mate, it was a huuuge house , very spooky but that was a ND. :wiske:

A little fragment about some weird law in my dreams for todays recall. I also remember hearing a song in my head when I woke up again. Hope to get a good night’s rest tonight.


Well saturday night is the last night, so it’s your last chance to get some last minute points in, I’ll tally up the scores sunday afternoon to give you all time to submit your dream count. (hehe I’ve kinda gotten behind on my own DJ too :shy: )
There is also a final vote if you’re interested. It seems like most people are too busy to keep up with that many DJs thought so no biggie.
I’ll probably wait until monday to declare the top scorer of ND Challenge #1 to give those who want to vote time, and everyone time to get their dream count in.
The top scorer will have the opportunity to run the next ND challenge if they wish or they may delegate it to a willing other, or I’ll do it again I suppose if no-one wants to run it, whatever y’all want.
One thing I would suggest is, more reward/incentive for LDs, I know this Challenge is more focusing on recalling and recording dreams in general but to me it feels like this site is mainly for lucid dreaming so we should reward that more.

Another dream last night, there was some hauntings, ghosts, spirits, and voodoo involved.
That’s to say voodoo and Voodoo by Godsmack :tongue: (woo dream theme songs!)

I know I dreamt, I just can’t remember hmmmfff Ah well, Do I get points for dream chaining from another night thou?? lol :smile::slight_smile:

Two ND’s and a short LD :smile:

ahh but this topic/competition is in the normal dream sub forum, we already have the lucid challenge competition and monthly quests … plus having a LD is reward in itself :content:. Personally I think you got the awards for LDs just right :thumbs:

Another (slightly odd) normal dream from last night about my old college, my old high school, and some electronics/robotics club.

I only recalled one dream… but it did involve hiding in underground caverns to escape from some badies.

If I might add my own suggestion… perhaps keep a list of all the challenges on the original post (or somewhere in one spot). I’ve lost track of some of them and it’s more difficult to search through pages of posts.

Another dream for today, but I just really didn’t feel like writing it this morning so I don’t remember many details. I need to update my DJ on here, it’s almost been a week! Got a little busy with school, I guess.

Edit: Wait, it’s been more than a week. :ack: Always happens when I skip updating it for one day.


Tonight’s the night, the final chance. Do your best. :grin:

Haha yeah i kept telling myself to do that but then I’d go and forget. :shy:


Yeah the same thing happened to me, except i have no excuse, i’m just lazy…

I had a great night for recall, if not a little confusing. I either had one fragment and three dream or one big dream chained in the middle. I’ll try to decide how to organize it today.

Edit: I’ve decided that it’s two fragments and two dreams.

no recall for last night

I only remember an iron, was so exciting I didnt even bother to write it in my DJ lol :sad:

No recall for me either